Muhammad Jamil humud Al Amili accused Aisha in zinah!

Fatwa on the official Site of Ayatullah Al Muhaqqiq al Sheikh Muhammad Jamil humud Al Amili which says Aisha RAA comitted Zinah:

The Question:

What is the result of your research regarding Aisha as for her doing Zinah(Adultery) or Fahishah(Extreme Sin) and the narrations which are to that effect and the different opinions and what is the reply to those who explain the Fahishah as something other than Zinah from a linguistic sense? and from the narrations I know:

Ali bin Ibrahim RAA in his Tafseer he says regarding the saying of Allah “Allah presents an example”[Al Tahreem:10] The Allah placed them both as an example so he said: “Allah presents an example of those who disbelieved: the wife of Noah and the wife of Lot. They were under two of Our righteous servants but betrayed them” [Al Tahrim: 10] Ali bin Ibrahim said: By Allah When he said that They betrayed them he meant Fahishah(Zinah), And to make al Hadd(execution) on Aisha who committed this act on her way to Basrah, and Talha used to love her so when she wanted to leave for Basrah he told her: ” You cannot leave without Mahram, So she married herself to him”.

Al Imam al Baqir PBUH and in it is his saying “He only meant Al Fahishah” and al Kulayni RAA narrated this in al Kafi from Ali bin Ibrahim with its Sanad from Zurarah, he also narrated it from Muhammad bin Yahya Al Attar with another Sanad from Zurarah RAA, And Al hurr al Amili narrated it from Kulayni in his Wasael just like Furat al Kufi narrated it in his Tafseer ect…

Answer by Ayatullat:

What al Kulayni and Ali bin Ibrahim and others have narrated regarding Aisha is SAHIH according to what it’s apparent to be, and these are trustworthy narrations and all of these are correct unless they contradict the Quran and the Mutawatir Sunnah and our Usool of Aqeedah… And what you mentioned about Aisha I don’t see that it contradicts our base in Aqeedah nor the book and the pure sunnah, So why make a big deal from it and make condemnation from such clear betrayal which we mentioned in our Sahih Hadiths while they(sunnies) only hinted towards it?

(he continues and finishes his Fatwa by Saying)

So if according to Aisha the adult can suckle from a female so why should it not be Talha who suckled from her since he used to love her like the sources of the mainstream Muslims state? and is the suckling of the lover like that of the hater? And did his suckling from her not enrage his manhood? And did she not arouse her Shahwa when she allowed him to suckle? all of these are questions which need answers from the unbiased and not the haters.

– end –
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Curse of Allah upon disbelievers!