Claim: Companions tried to kill prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam).

I heard many shias citing “Muhalla” of ibn Hazm, in their unsuccessful attempt to attack companions of prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam).

As an example I would take shia by nick guided from wilayat site.

He said:

As we can see he claim:  So, the reports are authentically transmitted.

First of all this ignorant liar, apparently mixed their science of hadith, which is more look like hide and seek game, with science of hadith in islam.

Hadith would be accepted as saheeh, if it suits to some conditions. Best and shortest definition was given by ibn Salah (rahimuhullah) which said: “A sahih hadith is the one which has a continuous isnad, made up of reporters of trustworthy memory from similar authorities, and which is found to be free from any irregularities (i.e. in the text) or defects (i.e. in the isnad).”

From the very beginning we would ask. Where the chain of this hadith? Ibn Hazm only said that this hadith came from the way of Walid ibn Jamia. He didn’t recorded complete chain in his book. Walid ibn Jamia, that’s Walid ibn Abdullah ibn Jamia al-Koofe az-Zuhre. He narrated from Ibrahim Nakhai, which was born in 50 year h. Let us accept that this Walid died in second age of hijra. Ibn Hazm himself died in 456 h. There are hundred years between ibn Hazm and Walid ibn Jamia. In brief this hadith has no chain, not from Walid till someone who would be witness of that alleged attempt of assassination, neither from Walid till ibn Hazm.

Second. Even if this narration would have connected chain from anyone from companions till ibn Hazm, it still would be rejected. And the reason is very simple, no matter how this shia guided accused us  (in his other article, see screen shot), that we depend only on authenticy of chain, we also looking for text of hadith. And this one would be extremely odd and rejected, because it’s contradicts to mutawater ahadeth regarding Islam and merits of mentioned companions.

As a conclusion we can say: By Allah! This shia with nick Guided lied when he said that this hadith was authentically transmitted.

This hadith, isn’t hadith, because there is no chain. And it can’t be sahih, because it has no chain, and text is extremely odd.

Here you can see complete refutation of article by this misguided, which was written by our brother Mohammad Moin

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