Hadith: ‘May Allah throw them in fitna (sedition) and push them towards hell.

Hadith: ‘May Allah throw them in fitna (sedition) and push them towards hell.

We would start this short answer by quote with screen shot from shia with nick Guided, which is active at rafidi site wilayat.

He said:

When I first read his words, I couldn’t believe to my eyes, because I remember that when I was reading “Manar al munif fi sahih wa dhaif” with tahqiq by sheikh AbdulFatah Abu Gudda, I already come across with this hadith.

So this  Guided claimed that Dhahabi didn’t say anything regarding weakness of this hadith.

Let me cite him directly, this rafidi said:

This is coming from a respected Salafi Imam and hadithist, and he made no attempt to weaken it, thereby accepting its authenticity.

Wa la hawla wa la quwate ila billah. What else could we except from these liars?!!!!

1) Dhahabi (rahimuhullah) gave this hadith in the bio of Yazid ibn Abu Ziyad al-Koofe, as an example of his ahadeth.

In the very same bio (see scans from Mizan volume 4. Cover, page 423) Dhahabi quoted opinions of scholars on this narrator. Just few examples. Yahya ibn Maeen said: Not strong, and it was also reported that he said: Not a proof (hujja).  Shubah said: Yazeed was rafa`a (the one who elevating mursal ahadeth to marfo level). Ahmad said: His ahadeth aren’t approved.

2) As you can see in this scan, Dhahabi right after he narrated this hadith, said: GHARIB MUNKAR. And in “Siyar” (6/131) he also said it’s munkar.

So how dare this rafidi  to claim that Dhahabi made no attempt to weaken it?!!!!

Indeed curse of Allah upon liars.