Shaikh Mohammad Islam stabbed in Zahedan

ZAHEDAN: Shaikh Mohammed Islam Mullazahi, an old teacher of Darululoom Zahedan and the head of financial affairs of the seminary was stabbed by unknown persons on Tuesday evening, 20th October in “Beheshti” street of Zahedan, east of Iran.
According to our correspondent Shaikh Mullazahi was going to Azizi mosque located in the centre of the city to lead Asr prayer. The unknown culprits who were in a car in “Beheshti” street on the way of Azizi mosque of Zahedan, the provincial capital of Sistan and Baluchistan, the stabbers hit him by knife where Shaikh got injuries in his crag, and then they immediately fled from the scene.
It is worth mentioning that the vagrant who came out of the car to stab Shaikh was carrying with him an electric shock device as well.
Due to the importance and necessity of security and safety, especially security of the scholars and thinkers in any society, we hope that the security officials would follow up the issue and the perpetrators would be punished as soon as possible, for ensuring the security of the province the related officials must take serious action against these elements.
We hope the people of this province would not see such unfortunate incidents in future.