From last will by Khomayni

Cover page.

First quote:

Let me say at this point that this politico-divine testament of mine is not made to the noble people of Iran only. Rather, it is recommended for all Islamic nations and the oppressed peoples of the world regardless of religion or nationality.

Second quote:

I dare say that today the Iranian youth is better than the people of Hejaz at the time of Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa ali) and the people of Kufah and Iraq at the time of Ali (alaihi salam) and Hussein (alaihi salam).

…..moslems didn’t obey to prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ali) in his time…


2 thoughts on “From last will by Khomayni

  1. So he is trying to say that he is better than Prophet Muhammad (SAW) because he can train people better than the Prophet (SAW).

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