Praise of shia scholars upon mushabih

First of all we should explain what does it mean mushabih, that’s a person who compare attributes of Allah to attributes of His creation. For example he would say: Hand of Allah is alike hand of a man.

I have seen many shias asking us, why do our scholars narrated from khawarij and etc. Let us ask them, why do your scholars narrated from mushabih and praised him as thiqat? The talk is about narrator Haroon ibn Moslem ibn Sadan al-Katib.

Shia scholars: Ibn Dawud al-Hilli in Rijal, Najashi in Rijal, allama al-Hilli in Khulasa, Tifrashi in Nukad praised him, they said he’s thiqat, and all of them noticed that he had mazhab in tashbih!


Other narrator is Muhammad ibn Jafar ibn Muhammad ibn Own, al-Asade, al-Kufi.

He was named as thiqat by allama Hilli in Khulasa, ibn Dawud in Rijal, Najashi in Rijal and all of them noted that he had mazhab in tashbih.