On believe in return of imams.

Alim of rijal, Ahmad ibn Abdullah ibn Salih ibn Moslem al-Ijli, author of book “Thiqat”, said: “Whoever would believe in return of Ali ibn Abu Talib, is disbeliever, and whoever would believe that Quran has been created, is disbeliever”. (“al-Athar al-waradat an aimmatu sunnah fi abwabil itikadat min siyar alamun nubala” p 404)

When Hasan ibn Ali heard that shias claimed Ali would come back before doomsday, he said: “They lied by Allah! They are not (our) shias. If we would know that he would come back, we wouldn’t give his wifes in the marriage or divide his property”.  (“Atharul waradat min aimmatul sunna fi abwabil itikadat” p 592).

Verdict from imam al-Barbahare

Imaam, the example, the Mujaahid, the Shaikh of the Hanbalee scholars and greatest of them in his time: Abu Muhammad Al-Hasan Ibn ‘Alee Ibn Khalf Al-Barbahaaree – an ascription to Barbahaar, which were medicines imported from India.

Ibn Abee Ya’laa said: “Shaikh of the Community in his time and the foremost of them in censuring the people of innovation and in opposing them with his hand and tongue. And he had renown with the ruler and prominence amongst those of knowledge. And he was one of the wise scholars, great and precise memorizers of the texts and one of the reliable believers”

Adh-Dhahabee said in Al-‘Ibar: “…the exemplary scholar, Shaikh of the Hanbalees in ‘Iraaq in speech, action and sticking to what is lawful. He had great renown and total respect.”

Ibn Al-Jawzee said: “…He gathered knowledge and abstention form this world (zuhd) and was strong against the people of innovation.”

Ibn Katheer said: “The abstemious, man of knowledge, the Hanbalee scholar, the admonisher – and he was strict against the people of innovation and sin. He had great standing and was respected by the elite and by the common people.”

In his book  “Sharhus sunnah” he said:

“And  that’s apparent innovation, it’s kufr in Allah al-Azim, and whoever would say that he’s disbeliever in Allah, not doubt in that. Who would believe in rajah (returning) and would say that Ali ibn Abi Talib is alive, and he would be back before doomsday (and he would believe in the same about) Muhammad ibn Ali, and Jafar ibn Muhammad, and Musa ibn Jafar, and would exalt imams, and would claim that they know unseen, beware of them! THEY ARE DISBELIEVERS IN ALAAH, THE SUBLIME”.

Source: Irshadu Sare fi sharh Sunnah lil Barbahare p 245.