Mazandarani: Tahrif is mutawatir

I’d like to present to dear readers another proof, that in accordance to shia scholars Quran which is on our hands has been tampered.

Muhammad Salih al-Mazandarani in his “Sharhul Usul al-Kafi” (11/88), while he was discussing hadith from “al-Kafi” where stated that there were 17 000 verses in Quran, said:

كان الزائد على ذلك مما في الحديث سقط بالتحريف وإسقاط بعض القرآن وتحريفه ثبت من طرقنا بالتواتر معنى

“Addition on that (number of verses in present Quran) which (mentioned) in hadith omitted by tahrif. And omission of some (part) of Quran and tahrif of it is established from our ways by (ahadeth) tawatur al-manawi”.