E-BOOK. Fadhail of ahlalbait

Salam alaikum.

Here brief and draft edition of book that I have compiled from different sources.

It’s possible that it would be edited, or extended in the near future.

Enjoy your reading, and don’t forget me in your prays.

Salam alaikum.


5 thoughts on “E-BOOK. Fadhail of ahlalbait

  1. Don’t even mention ahlbait with your filthy tongue ya mujassim ya kaffir ya qalb.
    by the way can you still hold your ***** or you’re incontinent like your sheikh dimashqyyah because of salafis ***** attack on your ******?

    you ‘ll always be a nasibi : by allah if i see you holding to the “astar” of kaaba i wouldn’t believe anything else aprt from the fact that you are a nasibi and i would kill you without blinking. ya ma’boon ya nasibi

  2. So Ali(as) and his family are not Ahl-al-bait?? otherwise why did you say: Ali and his family and not Ahl-al-bait?
    You cannot fool us anymore with your hypocratie. We know well who you are Efendi.

    • That’s kind of shia humour? You didn’t see ahadeth in praise of Ali’s family in that work?
      Where did I say that they are not part of ahlalbait?

  3. You put Ali and his family but never mind.
    Have you got qualifications is Hadeeth science? please show them to us.

  4. The above is the manners these people claim to have learned from the ”Ahl al Bayt”, maybe it is the Ahl al Bayt of Shaytaan, because these manners, and this ill behavior of a person, when he is hopeless on the ground of knowledge, is just another sick presentation of Shi’ism.

    You guys should be sued for wanting to kill a person, and are a danger to society, because of your dumbness and suicidal behaviour.

    Efendi, Jazakallahu khayran for this master peace.

    La Ilaha Illa Allah Mukhlisina, Lahud-Dina Wa-Law Karihal-Kafirun

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