Ayashi and tahrif

Muhammad ibn Masood, known as al-Ayashi in his commentary cited from Abu Abdullah (alaihi salam):

لو قرئ القرآن كما أنزل لألفيتنا فيه مسمَّيْن

“If Quran would be read as it was revealed, you would find names in it”.

Source: Tafsir al-Ayashi 1/13

And this was quoted from him by other shia scholar Hashim al-Bahrani in his “Al-Lawami an-Noraniyah” p 547

And again Ayashi from Abu Jafar (alaihi salam):

لولا أنه زيد في كتاب الله ونقص منه ما خفي حقنا على ذي حجى، ولو قد قام قائمنا فنطق صدقه القرآن

If there wouldn’t be additions and omissions from the book of Allah, nothing would have been concealed about our rights from those who have sense of reasoning. And if our Qaim would raise and talk, Quran would testify him”.

Source: Tafsir al-Ayashi 1/13