More on Zaynalabidin

Imam Dhahabi has mentioned in “al-Ibar” (1/111) with regards to Ali ibn al-Hussain ibn Ali ibn Abu Talib, Imam Zaynalabidin al-Hashimi that: “He would perform a 1000 rakahs in the day and night and this remained his vigil until his demise. He was known as Zaynal abidin (the adornment of worshipers) due to his excellence in worship”.

(Quote from book of imam Abd al-Hay Lucknawi).

How many rakahs per day we are doing?  He was indeed Zaynalabidin.

Abdurrazaq related that a slave girl who belonged to Ali ibn Hussain was pouring water over him so that he could make ablution, but the jug fell from her hand, landed on his face, and fractured his bone. He raised his head to her and she recited a pert of Verse “….who repress anger…” (Quran 3:134). He said: “I have indeed controlled my anger”. She then recited “…who pardon men..” (Quran :134). He said: “May Allah forgive you”. She then recited the end of the Verse “…verily, Allah loves al-Muhsinin (the good doers)” (Quran 3:134). He said: “You are free for the countenance of Allah”.

Quoted from “Gems and jewels” by Abdulmalik Mujahid p20, Darussalam.

SubhanAllah! Indeed those people were giants, and we are dwarfs. I wish that all my life, would be like one from his days.