Allah punished him

Allama Sakhawi mentions  a very frightening incident related to this verse. He narrates from Ahmad Yamani who says, “I was in Sa`na. I saw that a large gathering was surrounding a person. Upon enquiring, people told me that this person used to recite the Quran in a most melodious voice. When he came to the verse “Yusalluna ala – l – Nabi”, he read “Yusalluna ala aliyyin – l- Nabi”, which translates as Allah and His angels invoke blessings upon the prophet Ali. (This person was most probably rafidi). No sooner had he read this that he became dumb, afflicted by leprosy, and was left blind and paralysed”.

(Sheikh Muhammad Zakariyya Kandahlawi “Fadail durud ash-Sharif” p 16, Azhar Academy)