Reasons of adultery

Book: Kashkul vol 3, pp 16-17

Author: Sheikh Yusuf Bahrani.

Chapter: From group (of reasons which leads to) adultery is eating khums.

1-st underlined text:

Narrations are mutawatir manawi that khums permitted to shias due to purity of their births. And in some of them that zina and illegitimate births come to opponents (see sunnis) due to khums. And in narration of Abu Hamza from Abu Jafar (alaihi salam): ALL PEOPLE ARE CHILDREN OF WHORES EXCEPT OUR SHIAS.

2-nd underlined text:

And in saheeh from Durayth al-Kinasi: Abu Abdullah said: “Do you know from which point adultery entered upon people?” I said: I don’t know. He said: “(From those) who accepted our khums of ahlalbayt, except our pure shias, and it’s permitted to them due to their births – to other from (such) kind of ahadeth.