Sneeze – secure from death

Source: Kamalutdin wa tamamul nemah.

Author: Sheikh al-Saduq.

5 – Narrated to us Muhammad bin Ali Malijaway and Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Yahya al-Attar – May Allah be pleased with them – they said: Narrated to us Muhammad bin Yahya al-Attar: Narrated to us Husain bin Ali Nishapuri from Ibrahim bin Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Musa bin Ja’far (alaihi salam) from Sayyari that he said: Narrated to me Naseem and Mariya, they said:
“When the master of the age was born he kneeled down and raised his two fingers towards the sky and sneezed, he said: Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds and may Allah bless Muhammad and the Progeny of Muhammad. ‘The oppressors thought that the Divine Proof is invalid and destroyed. If we had been permitted to speak freely about him all the doubts would be removed.'” Ibrahim bin Muhammad bin Abdullah narrates: Narrated to me Naseem, maidservant of Abu Muhammad (alaihi salam) that:
“A night after the birth of the Master of the Time (alaihi salam) I came to him. I sneezed and he said to me: ‘May Allah have mercy on you.'” Naseem says: “I became very pleased at this.” His Eminence said: “Shall I not give you glad tidings about your sneeze?” I asked: “What is it?” He said: “You are secure from death for three days.”