Ayatolla Shubbar and clear takfir of non-imami Muslims

In his book “Sharhul ziyaratul jamiatul kabira” at page 136 he named Hasan al-Basri – the mukhalif (opponent).

And later he expressed his opinion on these opponents by saying:

وقد دلت اخبار كثيرة على كفر المخالفين يحتاج جمعها الى كتاب مفرد

And many narrations proofs disbelief of opponents, it makes necessary to gather them in book dedicated especially to this.

Source: Aytollat Shubbar, “Sharhul ziyaratul jamiatul kabira” p 150.

So Muslims! Don’t be deluded by rafida callers, which calls you for brotherhood! We are nothing but disbelievers in the view of their top scholars!

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