For what sin this child was killed in Shabhar city?

Sunday 16 January 2011 12:01:38 GMT

Although the painful incidents such as explosions, commando operations and clashes, have created chaos in many parts of the world, but it has become normal to some extent, because people used to hear or see them, but what brings the attention within these painful incidents are those painful incidents suffered by Sunni Muslims in Iran, especially in  Balochistan province and they are still suffering.

Balochistan province is in a state of chaos but the Shiite regime, instead of bringing security and stability in this province, causes more chaos and problems  in order to suppress the innocent people.

That is what we saw last year when two young Baloch boys were brutally martyred by Shiite regime and the incident was filmed by them and later on published.

And the incident that must be recorded in the first list of those painful scenes and incidents in the world is when the Iranian Shiite regime killed  an innocent child in the Shabhar city of Baluchistan.

On that day when a bomb exploded  the  soldiers of Imam Zaman shot this child – as you see in the Image-

Witnesses say, after the blast occurred in the ” Shabhar ”  city, soldiers of Imam Zaman opened fire towards the people who were on the streets, after that  the state media announced that government brave soldiers have killed those people who wanted to bomb before they could perform the operation!

And as you see in the picture, the innocent child murdered is not In place of the explosion, but fell martyr on the street pavement as the bullet smashed into his chest and exited from his back and shed His innocent blood on the land of Balochistan.

But what is surprising is the doubtful silence of Human rights defenders!!

In fact, if such an event occurs in Tehran or in any part  of the world – except Balochistan, those who claim to defend human rights will not stay quiet!! and the incident will not be ignored by the world  media.

I am sure that if this kind of incident happens in any part of the world except Balochistan, the perpetrators of such a crime will not  be given chance to propagate their heinous crimes in media- at least- they will not be able to get benefit from their crimes.