Lie from official board of dajal al-Habith

Official board of Yasir al-Habith received question:

Salam, can you inform us about what the sunni books have recorded about the nasab of omar?

And in answer the board of that dajal cited filthy story from book of Muhammad ibn Saib al-Kalbi.

Who was Muhammad ibn Saib al-Kalbi?

Abu Nadr Muhammad ibn Saib al-Kalbi al-Kufi.

Dhahabi said in “Mizanul itidal” (vol 3, p 556 – >):

Bukhari said: Abu Nadr al-Kalbi was abandoned by Yahya and (Abdurrahman) ibn Mahdi. Then Bukhari said: “Ali said: Narated Yahya from Sufyan: al-Kalbi said to me: “EVERYTHING WHAT I HAVE NARRATED TO YOU FROM ABU SALIH IS LIE”.

Yazid ibn Zaria said: “Narrated to me al-Kalbi – AND HE WAS SABAYI”.

Ahmad ibn Zuhayr: I asked Ahmad ibn Hanbal: “Is it permitted to look into commentary of al-Kalbi?” He said: “No”.

Abu Awanah said: “I heard Al-Kalbi saying: “Jibril use to dictate revelation to messenger (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam), and when he went to toilet, he (Jibril) start dictating it to Ali'”.

Ibn Hibban said: Al-Kalbi was sabayi, from those who said that Ali didn’t die, and he would come back to this world.

Juzajani said al-Kalbi was liar, Daraqutni said he was abandoned, ibn Maeen said he wasn’t thiqat!

So now question! Why this dajal al-Habith deluding his allies? They asking for something from sunni books, and he is citing the book of SABAYI AL-KALBI!

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    • What an idiot you are! So if I don’t have reliable historical source regarding someone’s lineage I should take a words of LIAR in this regard?
      You first tell us lineage of your 12-th imam from the mother way, then give such stupid questions.

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