Al-Haydari lies upon ahlesunnah

Here you can see Kamal saying that everything what was narrated in two saheehs, that’s authentic, and it’s possible to rely upon it and base religion upon it.  Then he mentioned that Muawiyah was mentioned in saheeh, and he also said that all other ahadeth which condemns Muawiyah, Banu Umeyah are not accepted (by sunnis) because they are not in sahehayn.

And he said literally:

كل هذا لو جاء لا ينفع باعتبار أنه لم يرد في الصحيحين وكل ما لم يرد في الصحيحين لا يمكن الاحتجاج به

All these if would be mentioned, that doesn’t work (for sunnis) as it wasn’t mentioned in sahihayn, and everything what wasn’t mentioned in sahihayn, it’s not possible to rely upon it.


We have two possible explanation for words of Haydari.

1) He mean that it’s not possible to debate with sunnis, or to use against us, sources other than sahihayn.

But this kind of explanation doesn’t work. Because we saw this Kamal using many book other than sahihayn, in his attacks upon sunnah.

2) He mean that we – ahlesunnah- doesn’t accept any sources except  two saheehs, because we rely only on two books.

And this is what he mean, and no doubt this is blatant lie. No one from scholars of Islam ever said that it’s not possible to rely upon any other books than saheeh of Bukhari and saheeh of Muslim.





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  1. It’s one thing to accuse him of lying and it’s another to point out that he made a mistake, hafizahu Allah.

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