Mujahidin of the Islamic state of Iraq announced their aim to slaughter Yasir Al Habib

The Islamic State of Iraq of the Sunni triangle in Iraq  announced their aim to slaughter the Rafidite Shi’ite cleric Yasir al-Habib, known through his open slanders against the wives of the Prophet and his companions, like here where he curses them in his public prayer in London and here where he celebrated the death of Aisha the Mother of the Believers Allah is well pleased with her, where he encourged to send a 1000 curses upon her,  organized a competition of  “who recites the best curses upon Aisha”  in form of poem, he and his Husseiniyyah in London distributed sweets for the children and encoured them to curse and finally he accused Aisha of being Najis (impure)  and of being an adultress. The “celebration” was completed by a two unit prayer for Shukr for her death anniversary and finally he announced her death anniverary to be an official ‘Id in Islam. To give you a taste:

“Aisha now is hanging by her legs in hellfire and eating her own flesh”

Picture below in Arabic: Aisha is in Hellfire

More images HERE

And here is the announcement of the Islamic State

(picture being freely available on numerous arabic news websites, we merely repost it and translate it to the english audience)

Translation of the Arabic text in the poster:

“It is a requirement for the soldiers of the Islamic State of Iraq to slaughter one of the Rafidah dogs, Khasir Al Khabith (i.e. “Yasir Al Habib”), one of the children of mut’a (Zina) and heresy…”


Disclaimer: Gift2Shias does not call to violance in any form whatsoever, against no individuel including “Yasir al-Habib”,  neither do we post this news to encourage hate/violance or murder in any form or shape whatsoever. This news is freely available all over the Internet (in Arabic language) we have merely posted this only as a form of information in regards to the personality of “Yasir al-Habib” for the English speaking i.e. non-arabic speaking Muslims.

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