Athar: I don’t know anyone worshipping…

Hadith from Ali, as if he said:  I don’t know anyone worshipping in this nation after prophet, except me. I worshipped to Allah nine years before anyone in this nation.

First of all we should notice that text of hadith in itself is odd, because it’s well known that between first people who accepted Islam, were: Khadija, Abu Bakr, Zayd, Ali and others. We can’t say that people who accepted faith abandoned worship when it was written upon Muslims, and no one except Ali, didn’t pray. That would be ridiculous assumption.

As for the way of transmissions.

It was narrated by Nasai in “Khasais” (#8, maktabatul Muala, Kuwait), and by him in “Sunnan al-Kubra” (#8396), ibn AbdulBar narrated second sentence of this hadith in “Istiab” (1/337), but there instead of nine years, mentioned 5 years.

Nasai narrated it via chain: Ali ibn al-Munzir – Muhammad ibn Fudail – Ajlah al-Kindi – Abdullah ibn Abu Huzayl – Ali.

All narrators except ibn Abu Huzayl were shias.

Chain in “Istiab” contains Hubbat Ureni and he was abandoned. Ibn Maeen and ibn Hirash said he was nothing. Dhahabi noticed that he was from extreme shias. (“Mizanul itidal” 1/450).