What is a meaning of tashayu?

You can face with such term like yatashayu in books of rijal or others. You can see that person like slave of Hussain, author of “al-Murajiat” ascribed people who were described like yatashayu to his sect.

What does it mean?

Sheikh Sad ibn Abdullah  Al`Humaid in his “Fatawa al-hadisiya” answered to this question, he said:

That is the one who put Ali upon Uthman (in the matters of superiority), and they have hate towards Muawiyah and Amr ibn Al-As (may Allah be pleased with them), (such people) were described (by words): Fihi tashayu.

Source: “Fatawa al-Hadisiya”  p 37, printed in S.A.

Other scholar, doc. Amir Hasan Sabri in his “Mujam shuyukh al-Imam Ahmad fi Musnad” said:

Tashayu in the understanding of past (scholars) is preferring Ali over Uthman, and hate towards those who fought Ali along with seeking forgiveness to all of them.

Source: “Mujam shuyukh al-Imam Ahmad fi Musnad” p 45, darul bashairu islamiyah, 1413.

So compare this faith of people which were yatashayu, with faith of modern rafidah! Rafidah doesn’t simply put Ali upon any companion, they believe he was better than all prophets except the last one, and they do believe that he was equal to last one (see their comments on the issue of mubahila). Rafidah doesn’t simply hates Muawiyah and Amr, they making takfir upon them, and almost upon all companions.

So no doubt, that people who were described like yatashayu were far from the way of modern rafidah. And as a proof for that we can see that those people, for example muhadis Abdurrazaq made takfir upon rafidah.

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  1. Salam Alaikum Akhi,

    do you know about a shia narration whic says ‘What was considered ghulu by shias in the past have now become belief of todays shias”?

    May Allah reward you and grant you Janat al-Firdous.

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