4 thoughts on “Real Shia Tawheed (Monotheism) explained by Shia scholars

  1. Bismillâhir-Rahmânir-Rahîm.

    May Allâh Tâbarak wa-ta´âla, al-A´lâ reward with you with the highest place of Jennah for exposing the evil of the shî´ah. Jazâkum Allâhu khayra and keep on the good work, Bârak Allâhu feekoM!

  2. As’salaamu alaikum wa rehmatullah,

    Brother, may Allah reward you tremendously in this life and the hearafter for exposing the Shia cult!

    Was salam.

  3. you sunnis are bloody mother fuckers, you worship umer and abu huraira..umar is the founder of al qaeda and taliban, thats why leader of taliban was mulla umer…

    I wonder about your beliefs, your God sits on the throne and can be seen, whats difference between hindus and sunnis. Hindus worship their gods, holding their pictures in front on them. Sunnis picture God while offering prayers.

    Mavviya, whose ancestry cannot be traced, he was born out of illegitimate relationship between hind and zarka. You treat him as your lord, in burkhari it is mentioned that God will be on the throne and to his left will be mavviya….Fuck off, your religion sucks,….

  4. In my opinion it is very easy to take some parts of someone’s speech put them out of context to prove that shias are wrong. It is also very easy to base your demonstration on some mullah’s point of view to prove that shias are wrong. You should never judge a religion by its followers but you should seek knowledge, understand and then decide but do not judge as only He has the right to judge. I am a sunni and belive me i can use some of sunni scholar’s speech to prove that sunni’s are wrong but i will not do it as my understanding of religion doesnot only depend on what the scholars say but it depends on the use of intelligence. We all belive in One God and his last prophet! God save us from division and keep our brotherhood safe!

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