Dua Tawasul is NOT authentic.

It translates to: The authenticity of Dua Tawassul or its transmission from the Aimmah [a] is not proven to us.

Signed by Ayatollah Fadhlullah.
[so basically this famous Du’a, where shias call mention Allahs name once and then at least 12 infallibles is not authentic according to their Hadith science. Same goes for the Shirki “Nadi Ali” (the call upon Ali!) “Du’a” according to their Hadith science it is a mere fabrication. Yet poor Shias are obliged to recite them in their “Husseiniyyahs”, to get closer to Allah by mere shirki fabrications. Congratulation…]

2 thoughts on “Dua Tawasul is NOT authentic.

  1. πŸ˜€
    You are going nuts in the love of Hell πŸ˜€
    In The Dua We Mention The Names Of All Aiema(a.s) – If It Was Going To Be Said And Recited By An Aiema(a.s) Why Would He Then Mention His Own Name In The Dua ?
    And Furthermore – Many things are of the good and don’t need an authentication to do – For example Reciting Naad-e-Ali(a.s) and Dua-e-Tawassul – And saying LANAT BAR ABU BAKR, UMAR, USMAN – This is not authentically said by any Aeima(a.s) yet it is a form of Worship πŸ˜›

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