Ali Ibn Abi Talib [RA] – THE “Wahhabi”!

By Ebn Hussein

NOTE: This post will be updated from time to time to collect a biggest resource of evidences that prove that Ahl Al Sunnah are in fact upon the Madhab and Aqidah of Ali -radiyallahu anhuand that the Rafidah are nothing but Zanadiqa (heretics) who claim to follow him and in most cases even do the exact opposite.

Strange headline, yet the facts testify to this and the intent is to show what our Khalifa, Ali Ibn Abi Talib -Allah is well pleased with him- would most probably face IF he would have met a Rafidi Shi’i today (before the days of Shaykhul-Islam Ibn Abdilwahhab they would have called him Nasibi IF they only knew what he was upon)

As you all know a MUNAFIQ is the one who OPENLY displays his Islam and INWARDLY hides his KUFR. It is well known amongst the people of the knowledge that HATING, REJECTING or RIDICULING only ONE part (even a TINY ONE) of the Sunnah of Muhammad -salallahu ‘alayhi wa sallama- constitutes major Kufr, even the tiniest Sunnah, like the Siwak (tooth brush) IF a Muslim would mock it, then he would have commited MAJOR KUFR. (beware of Takfeer cause the one who commits a major kufr is NOT necessary a Kafir)

And it is no secret to ANY knowledgable Sunnah Muslim, how many times the Rafidah have mocked the Sunnah of the Prophet -peace be upon him- be it the the Siwak (traditional teeth cleaning twig), the garments/trousers above the ankle OR the famous LONG beard of the Sunnah Muslims (whom Rafidah call “Wahhabis” to demonize and disunite the ranks of the Sunnah).

It’s not difficult to find them ridiculing the Sunnah beards, the practice of ALL Prophets, Sahaba and Ahlul-Bayt, the beards MOSES, JESUS and Ali himself (it is reported that he used to have one of the most EPIC beards amongst the Sahaba yet most Rafidah have a two-day-old beard), nay even their MAJOR scholars (“Ayatollahs”) do have MASSIVE (“Wahhabi”?!) beards, but it seems what is allowed for the Rabbi is not so for the sheep i.e. blind follower (exactly like the Priests of the orthodox church and the Gurus of Temples of other religions where the “SCHOLARS” distinguish themselves from the layman with a CERTAIN clothing (catholic priests) and long beards (Orthodox PRIESTS wear a long beards ONLY their followers don’t).

Funnily enough whenever you point out to their Zandaqa (heresy) i.e. them mocking the Sunnah, they reply EXACTLY how the modernists do and say:”You Wahhabis, according to you the beard represents 99% of the Deen…”

This statement is obviously nothing but Zandaqa (heresy) and a lie, since the small parts of the Sunnah are NOT “99%” of the Deen, but PART A of the Deen even if it would be 0,0001% of it, it is still PART OF IT and ironically it is the so called “Wahhabis” (Sunnah) who are known to follow the biggest up to the tiniest Sunnah, like the Siwak, in fact this is what they are known for and this is what Rafidah are NOT known for (following the Sunnah).  A REAL Muslim who follows Allah and his messenger can be identified by his INNER ISLAM (Iman, Taqwa, correctness of Aqidah, Tawhid i.e. everything what Rafidah do not possess) and OUTWARDLY by all the Sunnahs that were established by the messenger of Allah (LETTING the beard grow, not being Musbil i.e. everything that the Rafidah are not taking into account.)

Hence this post (with a banner on our banner list to be find easier) will – with the permission of Allah- deal with all the Sunnahs (and Aqidah) of Rasulullah that were STEP BY STEP  followed by Ali Ibn Abi Talib, the  Ahl Al-Sunnah and IRONICALLY (after all they CLAIM to follow him ALI!) completely abondened by the Rafidah, wether their laymen OR their scholars.

1. Ali’s [RA] Adhan compared to todays heretical innovated Shia Adhan

It is well known that the scholars of the Rafidah went to such extremes with the Ahlul-Bayt that there might be not one Islamic practice spared without including the Ahlul-Bayt in it. They are quick in accusing the Ahl Al-Sunnah of “Bi’dah” (true sounds like an oxymoron, a Rafidi calling something Bid’ah) and in the case of the Adhan they claim that the line “As-Salatu Khayrum-minan-nawm” (“prayer is better than sleep”) is in fact an innovation of Omar -radiyallahu anhu-! Needless to say that (as usual) ALL the narrations they bring to prove that Omar Al-Farooq invented this line are NOTHING BUT WEAK and FABRICATED narrations and the truth is, that this line was >>approved<< by NO ONE ELSE than the Messenger of Allah -peace be upon him- himself.

Now isn’t it funny, rather hypocritical that the very same Rafidah who  accuse Omar Ibn Al-Khattab day and night with falsehood are  in fact the one who invented a CLEAR-CUT Bid’a into the Adhan, yes we are talking about their famous line and THIRD part of the Shahada in the Adhan:”Ashhadu anna Aliyan waliyullah…” (I bear witness that Ali is the close friend of Allah). No doubt this statement is truth, but it is also truth that Salman Al-Farsi was a great Sahabi and friend of Allah, and according to the Muslims Omar as well. But no sane person, let alone TRUE follower of the Sunnah would add to the Adhan:”Ashhadu anna Omar waliyullah..” Imagine the Sunnah WOULD have done this, certainly the Rafidah would accuse us day of night of going to extreme with Omar, the Sahaba etc.

The only excuse their scholars bring is the following:

“the thirds part of the Adhan is not PART of the Adhan ALTHOUGH MUSTAHHAB (recommended) to say, BUT  if one says it whilst believing that it IS part of the Adhan, then his Adhan is not correct”

This is what all of their “Marjas” (“Ayatollahs”) and the flaw couldn’t be more obvious, since if something is NOT part of the Adhan i.e. the Prophet, the Imams NEVER said it, then how can we add something to the Adhan, and on top of it call this ADDITION “MUSTAHHAB”?

Just due to the fact that the actual statement (“Aliyun Waliyullah..”) is true? Well, then Fatimah -radiyallahu anha- is also a friend of Allah why not adding here to the Adhan? Ups, already happened and the heresy has no end:

For the first time in history: Sheikh al-Habib leads the call to prayer with the testimony to the Wilayat of Fatima al-Zahra (peace be upon her)

Now they’ve added FATIMA -radiyallahu anha wa ardaahaa- to the ADHAN basically a 21st century Bid’a:

There is no justification for such a Bid’a and as you can see this is to what Rafidah Tashayyu (Shi’ism) leads, one Bid’a follows another and yet they have the nerves to accuse the Ahl Al Sunnah with Bid’a it’s just ridiculous. However, there are still some Shias who acknowledge the truth and as a matter of fact it was no one else than their MAJOR CLASSICAL scholar Al Sadooq who condemned the addition to the Adhan (“Aliyun Waliyullah”) as a BID’A, innovation, invented by the GHULAT. And as some of their scholars of the past said, things which are regarded as parts of the Madhab today (like Tatbir/smacking the head with blades, addition to the Adhan etc.) would had been regarded as GHULU (extremism) in the past.

Unfortunately almost each and every Marja’ does not oppose those innovations and some who stood up against some of the heretical practices (like Tatbir, the belief of attributing Ilm Al-Ghaib to the Imams, the Shirki “Tawassul” of Ya Ali Madad, etc.) and were brave enough to speak out were accused of “Wahhabism” (like Ayatollah Fadhlullah who opposed all of three issues mentioned before). It is important to note that according to the Shia science of Hadith ALL the narrations suggestion a THIRD part for the Tashahhud in the Adhan are NOT authentic, so those Shias who seek the truth should at least follow their “authentic” narrations regarding the TRUE Adhan of Muhammad -sallallahu alayhi wa sallam- and Ali -radiyallahu anhu wa ardaah.

3rd Testimony in Adhaan and Iqaamah = Bid’ah (Innovation) according to authentic Shia Ahadeeth – presented by a Shia Talib

Conclusion: Ali was upon what the SUNNAH Muslims of today are upon (BOTH didn’t add ANY third testimony to the Adhan), and those who CLAIM to follow Ali [RA], actually not just those who claim to follow him but even those who call themselves “Ayatollahs” and “scholars of the school of Ahlul-Bayt” are OPPOSING Ali and the Imams of the Ahl Al-Bayt. Ahl Al-Sunnah is Ahl Al-Bayt and Ahl Al-Bayt is Ahl Al-Sunnah.


2. Ali’s [RA] used to wear his clothes above the ankles!

The issue of Isbaal (wearing one’s clothes below the ankle is a well known Sunnah, rather an order of the Prophet -peace be upon him. The stance of the Sunnah Muslims is clear and their are sticking to the order of the Messenger of Allah -peace be upon him- and are known (at least their scholars and students of knowledge) to follow this Sunnah and thus wear their clothes, garments, trousers above the ankles.

This is how one should and should not wear his clothes:

Ruling: The Sunnah of the Prophet -peace be upon him- is to wear ALL clothes ABOVE the ankles. This is an established fact in the Sunnah, backed by Sahih Ahadith. Now since those who do not practice and some amongst them who even mock this Sunnah (by calling it a “Wahhabi” thing) CLAIM to be upon the path of the Ahl Al Bayt (unlike the “Nasibi, Sunnis, Yazidis), then let us see what the Ahl Al Bayt in this case Ali -radiyallahu anhu- has to say, then every truth seeker himself can decide WHO in fact is upon the teachings of Islam, the Messenger and the Ahl Al Bayt.

Source one: One of the most Important and Major Shia Tafseer, the Tafseer of Qummi says:

تفسير القمي – علي بن ابراهيم القمي ج 2 ص 393 :
قوله ” وثيابك فطهر ” قال : تطهيرها تقصيرها

Tafseer Al Qummi – Ali Ibn Ibrahim Al Qummi, Vol. 2, page 393 says regarding the verse in the noble Qur’an:

And purify your garments! (4 Al-Muddaththir) وَثِيَابَكَ فَطَهِّرۡ (٤)

“This means to purify AND SHORTEN your garment”.

Source two:

مناقب آل ابي طالب – ابن شهر آشوب ج 1 ص 365 :
عن شبيكة قال : رأيت عليا يأتزر فوق سترته ويرفع ازاره الى انصاف ساقيه .

Manaaf Aal Abi Talib by Ibn Shahr Aashub, vol 1, page 365.

Narrated by Shubayka who said: “I saw Ali […] lifting his Izaar (yemenite garment wrapped around the lower body parts) up to the middle of his leg.”

Conclusion: Ali was upon what the SUNNAH Muslims of today are upon (BOTH did NOT let their garments, Izar, trousers etc. hang BELOW the ankle), and those who CLAIM to follow Ali [RA], actually not just those who claim to follow Ali [RA} but even those who call themselves “Ayatollahs” and “scholars of the school of Ahlul-Bayt” are OPPOSING Ali and are absolutely not KNOWN to follow the Sunnah of wearing the clothes ABOVE the ankle). Hence= Ahl Al-Sunnah is Ahl Al-Bayt and Ahl Al-Bayt is Ahl Al-Sunnah.


3. The beard of Ali [RA]

The first nation ever to shave their beards was the nation to whom Allah the Almighty sent Sayyiduna Lut , the people of Sadoom ( Sodom). The Prophet of Allah  mentions in a Hadeeth 10 points of nature. Out of these ten, he  mentions is the lengthening of the beard. Hassan Al Basri reports a Hadeeth that the nation of Lut was punished for 10 sins they committed; the Prophet mentioned ‘trimming the beard’ from the 10 sins. So the the issue of the beard is not to be taken lightly as some Jahala (ignorants) do.

All religious scholars are unanimous that that all Prophets kept beards. This is even mentioned in the Qur’an: Allah the Almighty narrates the incident when Sayyiduna Harun Alaihissalam calls out to his brother Sayyiduna Musa , “O son of
my mother! Do not seize (me) by my beard, and nor by my head.” (94:20)

The scholars point out that this is a CLEAR-CUT proof that HARUN had a LENGHTY beard since you can’t seize a beard unless it is long (and certainly you can’t seize the two-day-old beards of most Shia scholars). So now you can Imagine what some Zanadiqa (heretics) would call Harun and Moses IF they would have seen them today. No doubt they would call them “Wahhabis”.

There are many Ahadeeth, which clearly state the above. Primarily the famous Hadeeth narrated on the authority of ‘Abdullah Ibn ‘Umar and others that the Prophet ordered us to lengthen our beards. This Hadeeth has been narrated with six different words, all of which refer to lengthening the beard and leaving it alone without interfering. This is why in the Shariah (Islamic law) if one was to shave the beard or trim it to less than a fist length then he will be sinful.

As for the Prophet -sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam- his beard was dense and massive, and would cover his chest. The Sahaba  realised, by the movement of he ’s beard, that the prophet  would recite from the Holy Quran in Dhuhr and Asr. Needless to say that Ali Ibn Abi Talib the lion of Allah had an epic mane like a lion. His beard was spread in width covering the area between his shoulders.

Imam Al Dhahabi ‘alayhi ramatullah compiled a collection of the description of the Sahaba in his famous “Siyar A’lam Al Nubalaa” THIS is how Ali Ibn Abi Talib looked like:

‘Ali bin Abi Talib:

“He was balding, but had much hair left, as if he was wearing a sheepskin. He was of medium height, with a large belly and a large beard.”

“He had a yellow beard.”

“He dyed his beard with henna once, then he never used it again.”

“His hair and beard were white, like cotton.”

ash-Sha’bi said: “I saw ‘Ali with a white beard, and I never saw anyone with a larger beard then he.”

“He had heavyset, large eyes, and he was closer to being short.”

In the book:“The Beard Between the Salaf & Khalaf” it is said about Ali -radiyallahu anhu- and the size of his beard:

[…] there are authentic reports indicating that the Rightly Guided Successors, as well as other sahabah and tabi’un had
large beards.

Abu Bakr” had a thick beard [Qut ul-Qulub 4:9],
Omar ” had a big beard [Al-Isabah 2:511],
Othman had a large beard [Al-Isabah 2:455],
and Ali’s beard was so wide as to span the distance between his shoulders [At-Tabaqat (3:25) by Ibn Sa’d] […]

We got an Ali -radiyallahu anhu- who according to the guidance of the Prophet -sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam- wore his clothes ABOVE the ankles (like “Wahhabis” do) and now we got an Ali -radiyallahu ‘anhu- having probably one of the most epic beards amongst the Sahaba, and certainly not like MOST Shia scholars and preachers who almost shave their beards (or wear a very short beard). The only exceptions are they “Ayatollahs” who indeed wear (“Wahhabi”?) beards, but as for why this SUNNAH of wearing LENGHTY EPIC beards like the PROPHETS AND ALI HAD is only restricted (at least in practice and  Shia culture) to the clergy of the Rafidah, then this is a mystery and in fact a shared caste system found in many pagan cults (catholic priests wear special clerical clothes, Orthodox priests have epic beards, not
so their disciples etc.)

Anyways, one thing is for sure, the TRUE Ali Ibn Abi Talib -radiyallahu anhu, from his shortened garment up to his EPIC, MASSIVE beard is exactly what the enemies of the Sunnah would define as THE  “Wahhabi”, and this ALI [RA] is the Ali of Al-Islaam, the one who was upon Qur’an AND the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah -sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam- and the “Ali” of the Rafidah is the one who appearently wears a shorter beard than the “Ayatollahs” themselves, and is potrayed around the Rafidah world in the most unmasculine, persianized way possible, a manifasted Dalaala and heresy at its best, the manifestation of the LION of Allah in the culture of Shi’ism (Tashayyu):


3. Amir Al-Mumineen Ali Ibn Abi Talib [RA] and the grave/shrine isse.

It became almost common knowledge that Imamite Shi’ism (just like extreme Sufism and Hinduism and…) heavily defends and propagates the erection of massive, golden shrines. Unfortunately this is not even restricted to their infallibles only (Ghuluw and Bida’ has not limitations anyways), but not non-Imams, leaders and so forth. To give you a TINY small view into the “Shrine-Business” of the Ayadollars (Mafia who strip the people of their intelect AND money in the name of “loving Ahl Al-Bayt”), we are going to present you some facts:

Another major religious institution in Iran is the shrine. There are more than 1,100 shrines that vary from crumbling sites associated with local saints to the imposing shrines of Imam Reza and his sister Fatima in Mashhad and Qom, respectively.

More than THOUSAND shrines of “Imamzadahs”! So they don’t make business with the shrines of their infallibles only, but on top of it with THOUSANDS of descandants of the Imams.

Let us give you ONE example of THOUSAND:

Source is a Shia website: Quelle:


As you can see, this is the Shrine of “Imamzadah Saleh” one of the alleged endless “descendants” of Imam Musa Al Kadhim (7th Imam). The pictures speak for themselves i.e. this is to what exaggeration leaves to in EVERY pagan cult (Sujud to the grave!) and THIS is why the Sharia (the Sunnah, not the Rafidah) is strictly agains EVERY sort of exaggeration with Prophets – peace be upon them all – let alone with non-prophetic righteouss men. It is well known that the Messenger of Allah Muhammad – sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallama – warned his people and Islamic Ummah NOT to exaggerate with him like the pagans did with their leaders. Yet we see a people, who went into extreme with the FAMILY of the Prophet and even with the DESCANDANTS of the FAMILY of the Prophet – peace be upon him. The produce of this Ghuluw is more than obvious and just for your information dear reader, this “Shrine” alone is one among more than a DOZEN of shrines just in and around Tehran (among them are: Imamzadeh Qasim, SHAH ABDUL AZEEM, Imamzadeh Hamza, Imamzadeh Tahir, Astana Bibi Shehr Bano, Imam Zadeh Dawoo and many more!

This is the actual OUTCOME of this heresy:

Khomeinis Shrine!

They have managed to gather all sorts of deviance in one place! Praying in a Masjid which was SOLELY erected for the grave of Khomeini (a practice accursed by the Prophet), haning up of Images (Khomeini) INSIDE a Masjid and Shrine (a practice forbidden by the Prophet), doing Sujud on a grave (forbidden by the Prophet), PRAYING next to a grave (a practice accursed by the Prophet in the CLEAREST manner).

but it gets worse..

They have even erected Shrines for ZOROASTRIANS i.e. their forefathers. Like for Abu Lo’lo’a the Majoosi/Magician (zoroastrian) MURDRER of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab – radhiyallahu ‘anhu – the very same accursed Majoosi who shamelessly comitted suicide with his own blade after stabbing Omar DURING the Prayer like a coward. Yet this guy deserves an ENTIRE SHRINE in the Rafidite Anti-Islamic Rebuplic of Iran (since their grudge is based on their anti-arab feelings and on the Sahaba and Omar who brought Islam to Iran, under the pretext of “following Ahl Al-Bayt” they curse those who extinguished their Majoosi empire):

A street banner, showing you the path to “Abu Lo’lo” ALAYHIS-SALAM”!!!


The shiny-pagan grave itself:

(It’ written:”Peace be upon you, o Abu Lo’lo’!)

and finally the Mushriks themselves, celebrating the death of Omar and their hero, the MUSHRIK MAJOOSI Abu Lo’lo’a along with Shia scholars:

A superstition, a heresy, a Bid’ah is a serious matter, that is why the finaly Deen of Allah, the Sharia of Muhammad – peace be upon him – even shut the TINIEST door which MIGHT led to kufr and exaggeration with righteouss men. The Prophet – peace be upon him – explicitely ORDERED his family AND companions to LEVEL every grave (let alone shrine!) which is higher then……

If this is the standard set (…) then it is naturally that the Imamite Shia Mafia Scholars (Ayadollars) and their exeggeration has led to the upmost forms of Kufr, Shirk and heresy and superstitions. Allah knows at what point these devils gonna stop,  but look, currently the Rafidah and the Rafidi regime are even travelling with MOBILE-SHRINES true the motto:”If you don’t visit the Shrine, then the shrine will visit YOU!”

They literally ripp-off  INNOCENT Shias (who indeed have good intentions i.e. love for the Ahl Al-Bayt) and as you can see people are encouraged to do “Tawassul” (in fact ISTIGHATHA Bighayri Allah i.e. DUA/WORSHIP to others than Allah UNDER the EXCUSE of Tawassul), throw money INTO the Shrine AND to buy “Nakheels” (green ribbons) to make a wish and knot them BACK to the shrine. Again ALL sorts of heresy, paganism and superstition i.e. EVERYTHING Islam came to EXTINGUISH at ONE place, at ONE time, revived by these grave-business charlatans and on top of it in the NAME OF “following the school of Ahl Al-Bayt”!!!

That was a GLIMPSE in the world of Imamite Shi’ism

Now everyone knows the stance of the people of the Sunnah i.e.the four schools, todays the Salafi scholars and even todays Deobandi scholars (who are mainly Hanafi in Fiqh)  all of them EXCEPT some extremist, heretical Sufis (ironically the ONLY ones the Shia love, obviously…) agree that a grave shouldn’t be RAISED at all (maximum  by four fingers). It is not a “Wahhabi” invention at all, one have only to study the sayings of the Salaf, including the four Imams and even Hanafi scholars of today and the other Madhahib. The Shia along with the Sufis are waging a emotional war since years, HAND in HAND with the most corrupted and extreme “Sufi” leaders like “Sheikh Nazim” to re-build the Shrines of the Ahl Al-Bayt in Madinah. Whilst it is true that in the Ottoman reign most Sahaba and Ahl Al-Bayt graves had ERECTED graves and shrines, yet this does not make falsehood into truth! Neither the deeds of the Ottoman Khalifas, nor those before them are evidence in the Deen of Allah (or the existence of the shrine of Imam Shafii or the shrine of Imam Al Bukhari in Uzbekistan. You see how Rafidah show people the shrines of Imam Al Bukhari, as if they are so desperate to say:”But you Sunnah got shrines too”! They are ignorant of the fact that the man being buried under the earth, beneath the shrine HIMSELF has condemned these actions and filled his book with Sahih narrations that CONDEMNE these actions. Those extremist Sufis in Uzbekistan at his grave are not upon the teaching of the man INSIDE the grave i.e. he is INNOCENT of them i.e. their deeds are REJECTED by the Sharia, whereas the deeds of the Shia laymen are not just permitted but ENCOURAGED by their sect and “Ayatullahs”)

Yes, it could be and actually must be said that all the “hundreds” of years, and the silence of those in AUTHORITY on the existence of those shrines were WRONG. The Saudi rulers – and we don’t belong to them – have their good and wrongs, and among their good is DEFINATELY the LEVELING of the Shrines of the Ahl Al-Bayt AND the Sahaba. (just what Imam Shafi’i was upon HUNDREDS of years before the “Wahhabis” when he said in his book, al-Umm, “I have seen the scholars of Mecca command the demolition of [graves] that are built over. Such demolition is supported by the hadith, “… nor an elevated grave except that you level it)

This is not due to them being “Wahhabi” and followers of “Muhammad Ibn AbdilWahhab” in fact, Muhammad Ibn Abdilwahhabs ruling, opinion or the opinion of EVERY man is rejected (if not based on proofs) EXCEPT the ruling of the Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him -. So we compare the action of every man (also Muhammad Ibn Abdilwahhab) with the Sharia of Al Islam and we find him (Ibn Abdulwahhab) to be not just upon the path of Muhammad – sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam – but also upon the path of the Ahl Al-Bayt – ridhwanullahi ‘alayhim -.

Ali Ib Abi Talib – radhiyallahu ‘anhu -:

`Ali b. Abi Talib asked me, “Shall I not send you to do what the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and give him peace) sent me to do?—That you leave no figure except that you erase it, nor an elevated grave except that you level it.”

Perhaps they think that Ali Ibn Abi Talib – radhiyallahu ‘anhu – was a “WAHHABI”?! only a pagan would reject such a beautiful tawheedi narration, an advice, an order that even prevents the evil from starting from begin with. An narration that – if acted upon – would not lead the world of the Rafidah to what we have shown you before. Since Shia “Ayatullahs” and the rest of the mafia won’t give up their grave-business (obviously) it is necassary to prove to mankind that even according to CLASSICAL Shia views and narrations the building over grave was forbidden. Exactly,  Ali – radhiyallahu ‘anhu – is not just a “Wahhabi” according to this Sunni Hadith, but also to Shia SAHIH Hadith, the only difference is that every single Hadith that goes in line with Tawheed (like Ahadith not to call upon OTHERS besides Allah) are vehemntly rejected by these folks, and every narration that supports shirk (like the fake narration ascribed to Al Baqir where he explains how to PROSTRATE to Fatimah and how to CALL upon her!) is accepting without any hesitation. Anyway let us prove our case with THEIR books, with their SAHIH Ahadith:

And from them from Sahl from Ja`far b. Muhammad al-Ash`ari from Ibn al-Qaddah (?) from Abu `Abdillah عليه السلام. He said: Amir al-Mu’mineen عليه السلام said: The Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وآله sent me to tear down the graves and break the images.

6615] 8 ـ وعن علي بن إبراهيم ، عن أبيه ، عن النوفلي ، عن السكوني ، عن أبي عبدالله ( عليه السلام ) قال : قال أمير المؤمنين ( عليه السلام ) : بعثني رسول الله ( صلى الله عليه وآله ) إلى المدينة فقال : لا تدع صورة إلا محوتها ، ولا قبراً إلا سويته ، ولا كلباً إلا قتلته.

ورواه البرقي في ( المحاسن ) عن النوفلي ، مثله.

8 – And from `Ali b. Ibrahim from his father from an-Nawfali from as-Sakuni from Abu `Abdillah عليه السلام. He said: Amir al-Mu’mineen عليه السلام said: The Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وآله sent me to Madina, and said: Do not leave an image but that you have effaced it, nor a grave but that you have leveled it, nor a dog but that you have killed it.

And al-Barqi narrated it in al-Mahasin from an-Nawfali likewise.

[6616] 9 ـ محمد بن الحسن بإسناده عن الحسين بن سعيد ، عن النضر بن سويد ، عن القاسم بن سليمان ، عن جراح المدائني ، عن أبي عبدالله ( عليه السلام ) قال : لا تبنوا على القبور ولا تصوروا سقوف البيوت فإن رسول الله ( صلى الله عليه وآله ) كره ذلك.

أحمد بن محمد البرقي في ( المحاسن ) عن أبيه ، عن النضر بن سويد ، مثله.

وعن يوسف بن عقيل ، عن محمد بن قيس ، عن أبي جعفر ( عليه السلام ) ، مثله.

Almost the same narrations as in Al-Bukhari! Yet the sect of Imamite Shi’ism that claims to be upon the Ahl Al-Bayt managed to contradict all of this orders, and we are not talking about their laymen, rather we are talking about their highest ranking scholars who approve the RASING of graves AND Images of human beings, pray next to them:
more narrations:
وعن علي بن إبراهيم، عن أبيه، عن ابن أبي عمير، عن حماد بن عثمان، عن أبي عبد الله (عليه السلام) قال: إن أبي قال لي ذات يوم في مرضه: إذ أنا مت فغسلني وكفني، وارفع قبري أربع أصابع، ورشه بالماء، الحديث
And from Ali b. Ibrahim, from his father, from ibn Abi Umayr, from Hammad b. Uthman, from Abi Abdullah [Ja’far Al Sadiq] (as) said: My father(as) said to myself in day of illness: When I die bathe me and shroud me, and raise my grave by four fingers, and sprinkle with water. [Wasail Al Shia with Sahih Sanad]

Another “Wahhabi” we guess! This narration is 100% in line with the one in Al-Sahihayn, the ones were the Prophet – sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallama – AND Ali – radhiyallahu ‘anhu – ordered basically the very same which is EXACTLY the opposite of what the scholars of Rafidah preach and do and encourage. On top if it, the narration is AUTHENTIC the narrator are thiqah (trustworthy).

and there are loads of these narrations, where the Ahl Al-Bayt ordered NOT to raise graves (LET ALONE SHRINES!) and to level them etc. i.e. EXACTLY what the evil “Muhammad Ibn Abdilwahhab” has done.

وبإسناده عن الحسين بن سعيد ، عن النضر بن سويد ، عن القاسم بن سليمان ، عن جراح المدائني ، عن أبي عبدالله ( عليه السلام ) قال : لا تبنوا على القبور ولا تصوروا سقوف البيوت ، فإن رسول الله ( صلى الله عليه وآله ) كره ذلك .
Abu Abdillah – ‘alayhis-salam  said,” Do not build upon the graves and dont decorate the roofs of houses because the Messenger of Allah – sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam – hated this.

قال النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم لا تتخذوا قبري قبلة ولا مسجداً؛ فإن الله عز وجل لعن اليهود حين اتخذوا قبور أنبيائهم مساجد
“The prophet (sallalahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa salam) said: “Don’t take my grave like place of worship or “Kibla”, Allah cursed jews which build Mosques over graves of their prophets”.
Source: Sheih Saduk “Man la yahduruhul fagih” vol 1, p 178, hadis# 532;
Allama Majlisi “Biharul Anwar” vol 79, p 20;
Allama Majlisi “Biharul anwar” vol 80, p 313

The very same narration is well known in the two Sahihs! The difference is: Muslim Sunnah scholars ACT upon these Ahadith and Shia Rafidah scholars to so called “followers of Ahl Al-Bayt” not just abondened these beautiful narrations, rather they did exactly the opposite, it’s like them being alergic to Ahadith which are based on Tawheed and Anti-Superstistion and gravebusiness.

The following is a very strong SAHIH narration in the books of the Shia:

عَلِيُّ بْنُ الْحُسَيْنِ عَنْ مُحَمَّدِ بْنِ الْحُسَيْنِ بْنِ أَبِي الْخَطَّابِ عَنْ عَلِيِّ بْنِ أَسْبَاطٍ عَنْ عَلِيِّ بْنِ جَعْفَرٍ قَالَ سَأَلْتُ أَبَا الْحَسَنِ مُوسَى ع عَنِ الْبِنَاءِ عَلَى الْقَبْرِ وَ الْجُلُوسِ عَلَيْهِ هَلْ يَصْلُحُ قَالَ
لَا يَصْلُحُ الْبِنَاءُ عَلَيْهِ وَ لَا الْجُلُوسُ وَ لَا تَجْصِيصُهُ وَ لَا تَطْيِينُهُ
‘Alee bin Ja’far asked our 7th Imaam about building upon graves and sitting (by them). He said: One cannot build upon it, and sit, and plaster, and “clay” it over

Al-Toosi, Tahdheeb Al-aHkaam, vol. 1, ch. 23, pg. 461, hadeeth # 148
Al-Toosi, Al-IstibSaar, vol. 1, ch. 128, pg. 217, hadeeth # 1
Al-Aamilee, Wasaa’il Al-Shee’ah, vol. 3, ch. 44, pg. 210, hadeeth # 3426
Al-Majlisi, Bihaar Al-Anwaar, vol. 3, ch. 12, pg. 79
‘Alee ibn Ja’far (brother of 7th Imaam ), Masaa-il ‘Alee ibn Ja’far, pg. 212, hadeeth # 460
Grading: Al-Majlisi said this hadeeth is Muwaththaq KalSaHeeH (Reliable (taken as a) SaHeeH (hadeeth))
–> Milaadh Al-Akhyaar, vol. 3, pg. 298
The reason why it is considered Muwaththaq (Reliable) is mainly because of ‘Alee ibn AsbaaT, he is 100% thiqah, but people have differed on his madhhab. However, Al-Khoei said that ‘Alee ibn AsbaaT is a Shee’ah Imaamee and his madhhab is good. (See: Al-Khoei, Mu’jam Rijaal Al-Hadeeth, vol. 11, pg. 260, under person # 7923)

So this hadeeth is actually graded as purely SaHeeH

And here is what Al-Toosee says about what the four (4) fingers should be.و يرفع من الأرض مقدار أربع أصابع و لا يطرح فيه من غير ترابه
Graves should be four fingers above the ground, no dirt other other than the dirt of grave should be placed on it
Source:Al-Toosi, Al-MabsooT fee fiqh Imaamiyyah, vol. 1, pg. 187
From Wasa’il ash-Shi’a:

this practice of leveling graves is not a “”Wahhabi” thing, it is actually an Islamic thing, a prophetic order, an Ahl Al-Baytic order, and the Sahaba, the Khulafa Al-Rashideen, like Othman Ibn Affan did the very same:

[Also in Sahih Muslim vol. 2 Hadith No. 2114 (also see 2115)] I heard the messenger of Allaah

commanding (us) to level the grave. ‘Abdullaah Ibn Sharjeel Hasanah said: “I saw ‘Uthmaan Ibn ‘Affaan order the leveling of the graves. So it was said to him: ‘This is the grave of Umm ‘Amr the daughter of ‘Uthmaan!’ However, he commanded that it too should be leveled.” [Related by Ibn Abee Shaybah in al-Musannaf (4/138) and Aboo Zur‘ah in at-Taareekh (22/2) with an authentic chain of narrators]

Conclusion: According to Sunnah Sahih Ahadith AND Shia Sahih Ahadith, and even the opinion of classical Shia scholars like Al-Toosi the graves of EVERY muslim should be leveled, there is no exception mentioned for Prophets or Imams or whatsoever. In fact the prohibition for the graves of Prophets, Imams of Islam is more severe then for non-Prophets, Imams, scholars, since what is more likely to occur, that the people exaggerate with the grave of unknown persons or with Prophets etc.? obviously with the later, that is why the Sharia of Muhammad – sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam – is the most perfect Sharia that closed even the tiniest hole that might lead to Ghuluw and superstition.

Ali Ibn Abi Talib and the entire Ahl Al-Bayt would have done exactly the same as Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab and what Islam teaches, i.e. leveling the graves (let alone shrines!), yet their so called “followers” and “lovers” are busy since almost a decade to protest and mourn over the  “destruction” (in fact they were only leveled according to the Sahih Ahadith) of the shrines of Imam Al-Hassan,  Baqir, Sadiq, Zayn Al-Abidin (obviously they don’t care the leveling of the Sahaba graves AT ALL!) by Ibn Saud in 1925 (NOT by Muhammad Ibn Abdulwahhab).

We have proven that – no matter if one likes the Saudi state or not – leveling the graves his the Manhaj, the school of Ali Ibn Abi Talib and his descandants according to Sunnah AND Shia Sahih Hadith. So there can’t be only ONE reason why those “Ayatullahs” in Qom and elsewhere persist to erect more, and more shrines (just like catholics do) in the name of “holy men” and “loving Ahl Al-Bayt” the reason is the following:

And the People of the Sunnah, even in times of weakness, adhere strictly to the teachings of Islam, the sayings of the Prophet, his Ahl Al-Bayt and the Sahaba, that is why the earth itself is a witness against the Rafidah, for this is the massive, golden shrine of their unholy father Khomeini (who is always potrayed as a humble man):

and this is the shrine of the former “Wahhabi” king Fahad, a non-scholar, a KING – rahimahullah – who is expected to have at least twice as to what Khomeini has in regards to his grave:

Even a KING, a non-scholar is upon the teachings of the Ahl Al-Bayt, yet those who CLAIM to love and follow them do exactly the opposite of what the Ahl Al-Bayt has ordered, and all they do is to mourn over the lost SHRINES in the Baqi cemetry of Saudi Arabia which were bulldozed according to the sayings of the Ahl Al-Bayt.


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22 thoughts on “Ali Ibn Abi Talib [RA] – THE “Wahhabi”!

      • Asa,

        if you’re calling Imam Ali (as) a wahabi, then Prophet Muhammad (sawws) is a Wahabi (Nauzubillah)

        Sahih al Bukhari
        Volume 5, Book 59, Number 700:
        Narrated Sad: Allah’s Apostle set out for Tabuk. appointing ‘Ali as his deputy (in Medina). ‘Ali said, “Do you want to leave me with the children and women?” The Prophet said, “Will you not be pleased that you will be to me like Aaron (Harun) to Moses (Musa)? But there will be no prophet after me.”
        Translated by some like this: (‘Your relation to me shall be like the relation of Harun to Musa…) & (You hold in relation to me the same position as Harun held in relation to Musa)

        The Prophet (P.B.U.H) said, “Ali (A.S) is with the Qur’an, and the Qur’an is with Ali.” Al-Bukhari, 5/19; Muslim, 2/360; Al-Tirmidhi, 5/304

        The Prophet (P.B.U.H) said, “The position of Ali (A.S) amongst the people is like Surat Qul Hu Allahu Ahad in the Qur’an.” Muslim, 1/48; Al-Tirmidhi, 2/299


        ‘Ali bin Abi Talib:

        “He was balding, but had much hair left, as if he was wearing a sheepskin. He was of medium height, with a large belly and a large beard.”

        Large Belly?? Seriously?? Imam Ali (as) was, amongst other things, one of the best warriors, do you really think this is how you would describe a warrior’s physique like? Think about it.


  1. Did the first three Khulafa Rashadin cause bidah ( innovation ?) as accused by Shia madhab.


  2. Jazzakallah kahir excellent thank you brother, I have another question that needs attention. Our Shia brothers say in ch 5: 6 with regards to Wudu that feet are not washed but only wiped therefore the al sunnah are doing bidah?


  3. all site data is fake . soon allah throw u in fire of hell ..inshallah ameen..n i know u r big enemy of islam…… LISTEN ALL READER CAREFULLY “FOLLOWER OF IMAM AII A.S ARE RIGHT ON THEIR PATH WAY. ONE MORE THING IF U REALLY LOVE TO PROPHET S.W THEN WHY DO YOU HATE FROM PROPHET MOHD S.W FAMILY??? IS IT FAIR??

    • The pictures of Sijda or sujud to tomb are not fake so what now can u say about this

      • Sijda is only allowed to Allah; if somesone as you mentioned are doing sijda to tomb are ignorant. As per Allah’s Holy Book Quran, Prophet (PBUH) and Suhaba we must not do sijda to anyone except Allah. Allah may give wisdom to those who commit such illegle act.

        Let’s not make ourselves in groups; I always simply say I believe on One Allah, Prophets, Angels, Holy Books, Day of Judgement and everything which was advised us to do by Quran and Hadeth.

        I humbly appeal our Shia Brothers not to speak against Suhaba particularly those Suhaba who were declared in Prophet’s Life they will entered in Jannah and Prophet (PBUH) advised us not to speak or blame his Suhaba.

        Be more polite and do not use impolite language.

        Shaukat A. Khan

  4. Regarding beard size…what about the beard of ehsan elahi jahir? Is it wahabi size?If u want the ISLAH of the ummah,don’t use filthy language which is rohibited by RASOOLALLAH[SAWS].Do u want to close the door of ISLAH? It’s a deed of IBLIS.


  6. Why ur hating the shiyane ALI ?Are not they our brothers?Then how can U invite non muslim brothers towards ISLAM? I cannot under stand the hatred between u both.JUST ONE THING IS CLEAR…THE WAR BETWEEN IMAM HUSSAIN AND YEZID IS YET NOT CONCLUDED.THE FIGHT BETWEEN TRUTH AND FALSEHOOD WILL CONTINUE UNTO THE QIYAMA.


  8. This is a very informative and well researched piece of article.
    May allah be pleased with the writer of this article.

  9. Curse be upon you all, may allah destroy your gone and coming haram children actually of shaitan… Dushmane.Ahlebait A.S par Allah ki lanat ho…..

  10. Whats shocking is that according to this article, Imam Ali had a large belly??!!…astaghfiruLlah…this means to say he ate more than his body could handle? which is the result of obesity. He was not born a kafir like the other sahaba, nor was he an alcoholic, nor did he over-eat. Final point about wearing clothes above ankles, it says the man saw Imam Ali with his clothers covering half of his leg. In case you did not know, your foot is part of your leg, which includes your thigh, calf, ankle and foot. Half of your leg is your knees, so start wearing shorts. One more point, all of the pictures of our Shia scholars on your website, show men with beards. Where did you learn?

    • What’s wrong with having a large belly?! He was one of the strongest Sahaba and had a HUGE THICK beard (unlike most of Shias with their trimmed metrosexual ‘beards’). I think you are mistaken the REAL Ali (RA) with the transexual Persian that your ‘Ayatullahs’ encourage you to hang up everywhere. Also there were other Sahaba too who were born NON-Kuffar (Abdallah Ibn Abbas, and Abu Bakr never worshipped idols etc.). As for cloths above ankles, we don’t need your ta2weel there are CLEAR-CUT Shia hadith forbidden it, it is just your BIASED scholars who in their opposition with Sunnis have abondened many Sunan (plural of Sunnah), and then they have the audacity to call themselves ‘true Sunnis, followers of the progeny of the Prophet’!

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