Rafidah call the best Messengers of Allah Nawasib

By brother Umar from IA forums.

It is known fact, since the establishment of rafidi cult, none from amongst the pious have escaped from their filthy slanderous tongues. Its a cult which has spent all efforts, as well time and money to slander Islam and Muslims of past, present and future, irrespective whether he was a Messenger, a Prophet, an Angel, a Wali or ordinary Muslim. They did not even spare Allah from their lies and slander, but today I will reveal their hatred towards the Messengers (as) whom Allah chose above all other humans due to their Taqwa and Imaan.

I will mention to you the names of each prophet and what was the punishment for nasb or refusing wilayat of ahlul-bait (12 Imams) according to this devilish cult.

1- Adam and Hawa (as): Removed from Jannah
2- Nuh (as): Drowning.
3- Ibrahim (as): Thrown in fire.
4- Yousuf (as): Thrown in well.
5- Ayoob (as): Affliction.
6- Dawud (as): The mistake.
7- Yunus (as): Imprisoned in belly of the whale.

1) Adam and Hawa

It was narrated in “Biharul anwar” (26/273), “Uyun akhbarul riza”  (170) and in “Anwarul wilayah”:

فنظر-آدم عليه السلام- إليهم بعين الحسد وتمني منزلتهم، فتسلط الشيطان عليه حتى أكل من الشجرة التي نهي عنها، وتسلط على حواء لنظرها إلى فاطمة بعين الحسد حتى أكلت من الشجرة كما أكل آدم؛ فأخرجهما الله عز وجل عن جنته وأهبطهما إلى جوار الأرض

So Adam (as) looked upon them (ahlul-bait) with the eyes of jealousy and wished for himself their status, due to this Shaytaan overpowered him until he made him eat from the tree which he was forbidden from, and he overpowered Hawa because she looked at Fatimah with the eyes of jealousy until she too ate from the tree which Adam ate, so Allah Aza Wa Jal removed them from Jannah and dropped them on earth.

2) Yunus.

It was narrated in “Biharul anwar” (14/391):

ابن معروف ، عن سعدان ، عن صباح المزني ، عن الحارث بن حصيرة ، عن حبة العرني قال : قال أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام : إن الله عرض ولايتي على أهل السماوات وعلى أهل الارض أقر بها من أقر ، وأنكرها من أنكر ، أنكرها يونس فحبسه الله في بطن الحوت حتى أقر بها

Ibn Ma’roof, from Sa’daan, from Sabaah al-Mazeni, from Haratha bin Haseerat, from Habbat al-Arny said: Ameerul-Mu’minin (as) said: “Verily Allah offered our Wilayah (leadership) to those in the heavens and on earth, there were those who accepted it and there were those who rejected it. And Yunus rejected it so Allah imprisoned him in the belly of the whale until he accepted it.

3) Noah, Yusuf and Yunus.

It was narrated in “Biharul anwar” (14/401), “al-Burhan” (4/37) and others:

عن الثمالي قال : دخل عبدالله بن عمر على زين العابدين عليه السلام وقال : ياابن الحسين أنت الذي تقول : إن يونس بن متى إنما لقي من الحوت مالقي لانه عرضت عليه ولاية جدي فتوقف عندها ؟ قال : بلى ثكلتك أمك ، قال : فأرني آية ذلك إن كنت من الصادقين ، فأمر بشد عينيه بعصابة وعيني بعصابة ، ثم أمر بعد ساعة بفتح أعيننا ، فإذا نحن على شاطئ البحر تضرب أمواجه ، فقال ابن عمر : ياسيدي دمي في رقبتك ، الله الله في نفسي ، فقال : هيه وأريه ان كنت من الصادقين . ثم قال : يا أيها الحوت ، قال : فأطلع الحوت رأسه من البحر مثل الجبل العظيم وهو يقول : لبيك لبيك ياولي الله ، فقال : من أنت ؟ قال : أنا حوت يونس ياسيدي ، قال : أنبئنا بالخبر ، قال : ياسيدي إن الله تعالى لم يبعث نبيا من آدم إلى أن صار جدك محمد إلا وقد عرض عليه ولايتكم أهل البيت ، فمن قبلها من الانبياء سلم وتخلص ، ومن توقف عنها وتمنع من حملها لقي ما لقي آدم عليه السلام من المعصية ، وما لقي نوح عليه السلام من الغرق ، وما لقي إبراهيم عليه السلام من النار ، وما لقي يوسف عليه السلام من الجب ، وما لقي أيوب عليه السلام من البلاء ، وما لقي داود عليه السلام من الخطيئة إلى أن بعث الله يونس عليه السلام ، فأوحى الله إليه : أن يا يونس تول أمير المؤمنين عليا والائمة الراشدين من صلبه في كلام له ، قال : فكيف أتولى من لم أره ولم أعرفه ، وذهب مغتاظا ، فأوحى الله تعالى إلي أن التقمي يونس ولا توهني له عظما ، فمكث في بطني أربعين صباحا يطوف معي البحار في ظلمات ثلاث ، ينادي : إنه لا إله إلا أنت سبحانك إني كنت من الظالمين ، قد قبلت ولاية علي ابن أبي طالب والائمة الراشدين من ولده ، فلما أن آمن بولايتكم أمرني ربي فقذفته على ساحل البحر ، فقال زين العابدين عليه السلام : ارجع أيها الحوت إلى وكرك ، 

واستوى الماء

From al-Thamali said: Abdullah bin Umar entered upon Zain al-Aabedeen (as) and said: ‘O! Ibn (son of) al-Hussein are you the one who says: “Indeed Yunus bin Matta received from the whale what he received (i.e. swallowed) because Wilayat (Leadership) of my grand father was displayed to him and he stopped (i.e. he did not accept it)?.” (Zain al-Aabedeen replied) Yes indeed may your mother lose you, so he (Abdullah bin Umar) said: Show me a sign for it if indeed you were from the truthful, so he ordered that his eyes blind folded and also my eyes blind folded, and then after an hour ordered to open my eyes, suddenly we were on sea-shore whose waves were hitting, so ibn Umar said: O my master! my blood is on your neck (i.e. my life is in your hands), so Allah, Allah on my soul (i.e. take care of me). So he said: Come I shall show you if indeed I was from the truthful. Then he (Zain Al-Abedeen) said: O you whale, he (Abdullah ibn Umar) said: So the whale revealed its head from the sea like a huge mountain while it was saying: At your service, at your service O wali of Allah. So he asked, Who are you? It (whale) said: I am the whale of Yunus O my master, He said: tell us (your) news. It said: O my master Allah never sent a prophet from Adam to your grand father Mohammed until he offered to him the Wilayat (leadership) of Ahlul-Bait, so those who accepted it from among the prophets were saved and got away, and those who stopped and rejected from bearing it, he got what Adam (as) received from sin, what Nuh (as) received from drowning, and what Ibrahim (as) received from fire (i.e. thrown in fire), and what Yousuf (as) receieved from well (i.e. thrown in well), and what Ayoob received from affliction, and what Dawood (as) received from mistake. Until when Allah sent Yunus (as), and Allah revealed to him: Verily O Yunus accept wilayat (Leadership) of Ameerul-Mu’minin Ali and the rightly guided Imams from his off-spring in a conversation with him, he (Yunus) said: How can I accept the Wilayat (leadership) of those whom I never saw, and went off in anger. So Allah inspired me to swallow Yunus and not to destroy his bone, so he stayed inside my stomach for 40 days roaming with me in the sea in three layer of darkness, calling: “There is no god but You; Glory be unto You! Indeed I was among the wrongdoers, I have accepted wilayat (leadership) of Ali bin Talib and the rightly guided Imams from his off-spring” So when he accepted your wilayat, He (Allah) commanded me to throw him on the sea-shore. So Zain al-Aabedeen (as) said: Return back O! you whale to your dwelling place, and the water became even.

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  1. Astaghferullah.

    Even the Anbiya (as) of Allah (swt) are not free from shia insults.

    May Allah guide the shia.

    • astaqfirullah…..may allah curse these liars who didnt even spare prophets,,,,
      we need 2 do jihad with these mushriks…they are worst than the mushrik which were their at the time of muhammed(saws).

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