Dhahabi wasn’t nasibi

We all know that in accordance to shias all other islamic sects are nothing but nawasib (haters of ahlalbayt). And nawasib are disbelievers in the eyes of shias.

Shia scholars accused many of our scholars in nasb. And one from those who was accused, was Imam Dhahabi (rahimahullah).

Recently I was researching a chain of one hadith, and found interesting quote from Dhahabi, which was quoted by sheikhana Albani (rahimahullah) in his book. Below I putting pages (cover and text) from book of Dhahabi “Mizanul itidal”.

In the volume 4, while he was discussing a hadith which was fabricated in praise of Ali, Dhahabi said:

وهذا باطل، قاله ابن عدى. قلت: إى والله من أبرد الموضوعات، وعلى فلعن الله من لا يحبه.

“And this is false, said ibn Adi. I say: Yes, by Allah from coldest fabrications, and Ali, may Allah curse the one who don’t love him”


2 thoughts on “Dhahabi wasn’t nasibi

  1. Is this words said under this hadith?

    يا أبا برزة ! إن رب العالمين عهد إلي عهداً في علي بن أبي طالب ؛ فقال : إنه راية الهدى ، ومنار الإيمان ، وإمام أوليائي ، ونور جميع من أطاعني .
    يا أبا برزة ! علي بن أبي طالب أميني غداً يوم القيامة ، وصاحب رايتي في القيامة ، علي مفاتيح خزائن رحمة ربي .

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