Ibn Abbas – main narrator of shia text

We all know how shias love book “Nahjul Balagha”, which place that book holds in their religion. We have already discussed khutba ash-shiqshiqiyah. It’s authenticy in accordance to shia standarts is still under the big question.

As we have seen the only one way to accept it authenticy was admitting of idiocy of their hadith science. As we became aware shias have some kind of “supermen” narrators, and even if they narrated anything from weak, liars, or unknown people, their ahadeth would be authentic! WOW! What a great science of ahadeth!

Anyway as we seen the main narrator of shia beloved khutbah ash-shiqshiqiyah is ibn Abbas, radi Allahu anhuma.

We have already posted shia hadith, where ibn Abbas was mocked by no one but shia masoom Imam.

And now I would like to post evidence from shia book, where Imam cursing ibn Abbas.

Book: Ihtiyar Marifatul Rijal of Toose.

Chain till Abu Jafar (alaihi salam): “Commander of faithful (alaihi salam) said: “O Allah curse the sons of such and such, and make their eyes blind as you made their souls blind ….. make blindness of their eyes the sigh of blindness of their souls”.

In the footnote you can see muhaqiq explaining whom is talk about, he says:

They are Abdullah ibn Abbas and Ubeydullah ibn Abbas.

So question to shias, how dare you to use the words of person who was mocked and cursed by your masoom imam?