Accusation: Prophet (s) was busy in intercourse on his deathbed

Allahu Akbar! Just another example of complete sick minds of shia writers. Their anger force them to see things that want see in any possible texts.

Shiapen says:

Nasibi belief that Prophet (s) was busy in intercourse even in the moments preceding his death (naudobillah)

We read in Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 144:¬†Narrated ‘Aisha:¬†that during his fatal ailment, Allah’s Apostle, used to ask his wives, “Where shall I stay tomorrow? Where shall I stay tomorrow?” He was looking forward to Aisha’s turn. So all his wives allowed him to stay where he wished, and he stayed at ‘Aisha’s house till he died there. ‘Aisha added: He died on the day of my usual turn at my house. Allah took him unto Him while his head was between my chest and my neck and his saliva was mixed with my saliva.


We appeal to justice, does one engage in passionate kissing when one is on his death bed? Clearly this reference should provide some form of directions for Salafi women with dying husbands, namely if they are dying in slow agony they should immediately engage with their spouses with a bout of passionate French kissing, and death will come iin a less painful manner. If a dying Salafi man has two wives then it is essential that they take turns engaging his with passionate kissing, that way his death will be less painful and the Sunnah of the Prophet (s) will be implemented in the process.

SubhanAllah! How sick these people are!

First of all from this text it’s not clear that prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) kissed his wife on his deathbed.

Second, even if he did, so what? That’s something prohibited? If yes, we need to see shariah proof for such prohibition.

Third, there is other text, in the very same sahihayh, which clearly explain us, that it happen not due to kissing.

Bukhari narrated in his Saheeh:

Volume 5, Book 59, Number 732:

Narrated ‘Aisha:

The Prophet expired in my house and on the day of my turn, leaning against my chest. One of us (i.e. the Prophet’s wives ) used to recite a prayer asking Allah to protect him from all evils when he became sick. So I started asking Allah to protect him from all evils (by reciting a prayer ). He raised his head towards the sky and said, “With the highest companions, with the highest companions.” ‘Abdur-Rahman bin Abu Bakr passed carrying a fresh leaf-stalk of a date-palm and the Prophet looked at it and I thought that the Prophet was in need of it (for cleaning his teeth ). So I took it (from ‘Abdur Rahman) and chewed its head and shook it and gave it to the Prophet who cleaned his teeth with it, in the best way he had ever cleaned his teeth, and then he gave it to me, and suddenly his hand dropped down or it fell from his hand (i.e. he expired). So Allah made my saliva mix with his saliva on his last day on earth and his first day in the Hereafter.