Khomaynis manipulation with shia texts

Salam alaikum, We have already presented to readers the hadith from most authentic shia source, where Imam said to his follower:

يا أبا حمزة إن الناس كلهم أولاد بغايا ما خلا شيعتنا

Ya Abu Hamza, indeed all people are children of whores, except our shias.

Awladu Bighaya! Children of whores!

Here scan from “al-Kafi”. And here Bahrani citing that hadith in his own book.

Let us see the book of Khomayni “al-Makasib al-Mukarramah”, at page 252 he cited this hadith, but in this form:

قال يابا حمزة ان الناس كلهم اولاد بغاة ما خلا شيعتنا

“He said: O Abu Hamza, indeed all people are children of oppressors except our shias”.

By changing two letters, he soften this terrible accusation.

Meaning in the Kafi it says:

أولاد بغايا

And Khomayni just changed the ending, and wrote:

اولاد بغاة