Shia manipulations with sunni texts

Book: Dirayatul Hadith.

Author: Sayeed Muhammad Husayn al-Husayni al-Jalali.

Thq: Sayeed Muhammad Jawad al-Husayni al-Jalali.

“Jalal ad-Din as-Suyuti (d 911) said: “Salaf among the companions and tabein differed in recording of ahadeth. And it was disliked by group, and permitted by other, and from them did it: Ali and his son al-Hasan”


Now let us quote the full sentence from book of Suyuti “at-Tadrib ar-Rawi”.

Suyuti said:

“And permitted group, and did from them these: UMAR, and Ali and his son al-Hasan, ibn Amr, Anas, al-Jabir, ibn Abbas and ibn Umar. Hasan, Ata, Sayeed ibn Jubair, Umar ibn Abdulaziz”.


Just see! How easy these mudalisin and liars manipulating  texts, by picking up all suitable for them, and leaving anything other! WHY DID THIS SHIA AUTHOR OMITTED NAME OF UMAR? IF IT WAS BEFORE NAME OF ALI?