We paid Sistani 200 million dollar for fatwah to help us in occupying Iraq

By brother Umar:

I have selected few quotes to translate it

Donald Rumsfeld wrote in his book ‘Known and Unknown’

“Al-Sistani turned out to be flexible opposite to what we use to fear …” “We presented gift to our friends in Iraq, of course their head was Al-Sistani and the amount was200 million dollar to befit United States of America and its ally Al-Sistani. And after this gift reached Al-Sistani through Kuwait, our relationship started to grow more and more, and when the news reached president Bush about arrival and handover of the gift, he decided to open Central Intelligence Agency and named it Relationship Office with Al-Sistani. And indeed the office was opened and it work actively and seriously and the outcome of this mutual work was the issuing of Fatwah by Al-Sistani that force his shias and followers not to resist allied forces which reach Kuwaiti border.”

Speaking about the meeting he writes:

“Then we reached dwelling place of Al-Sistani wherein he was staying in dirty neighborhood surrounded with garbage from every side. I remember putting handkerchief on my nose due to smell that was present inside Al-Sistani’s building and the areas surrounding it. When I saw Al-Sistani, he hugged me and kissed me more than once even though I don’t find it pleasant to kiss men, we discussed about many issues and it was from wisdom to accept opinions of our friends especially opinion of Al-Sistani.”

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