Ali is superior to prophet, and Fatima is superior to Ali

By brother TripolySunni:

I was reading some of the sources for This Shia ” Hadith al-Qudsi “:

 يا أحمد ـ لولاك ، لما خلقت الافلاك ، ولولا علي لما خلقتك ولولا فاطمة ، لما خلقتكما 

Translation of Shia Hadith Qudsi:
Allah said to the Prophet sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam: “O Ahmad if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have created the universe, and if it weren’t for Ali I wouldn’t have created you, and if it weren’t for Fatima I wouldn’t have created you both.”

Shia sources:
– al-Jannah al-‘Asimah p148.
– Multaqa al-Bahrayn p14.
– Mustadrak Safeenat al-Bihar 3/334.
– ‘Awalim al-‘Awalim wal Ma’arif p26 from Majma’a al-Noorayn.
– Min Fiqh al-Zahraa 1/19.
al-Asrar al-Fatimiyyah p237.
– Fatima Sirr al-Woujoud p61,62.

What caught my attention is the title of the last book “Fatima Sirr al-Wujoud” which translates to “Fatima is the secret of existence”!? Who the Hell would write such a deviant title!!?

Apparently after asking one of my friends about this book, he told me it was written by this Shia here:

His name is Ayatullah Sayyed ‘Adil al-Alawi. what a crazy man honestly who’d pick such a ridiculous un-Islamic title for his book!?

well I found his book here:

And let me just translate some parts of the index so you can see how retarded this is:

نبذة من الأحاديث الشريفة في فضائلها (عليها السلام)
اسمها في العرش
حبّها الإكسير الأعظم
نجاة محبّيها من النار بيدها المباركة
حديث «لولاك»

– Her name is written on the Throne of Allah.
– Her love is the greatest Elixir.
– Her lovers will be saved from hell-fire by her blessed hand.
– The Hadith of “If it weren’t for Fatima I wouldn’t have created you both.”

I took a quick browse and found some pretty interesting Shia beliefs therein, for example:

عن الرضا (عليه السلام)، قال النبيّ (صلى الله عليه وآله):

«لمّا عرج بي إلى السماء أخذ بيدي جبرئيل (عليه السلام)، فأدخلني الجنّة، فناولني من رطبها، فأكلته، فتحوّل ذلك نطفة في صلبي، فلمّا هبطت إلى الأرض واقعت خديجة فحملت بفاطمة (عليها السلام)، ففاطمة حوراء إنسيّة، فكلّما اشتقت إلى رائحة الجنّة شممت رائحة ابنتي فاطمة»

Narrated from imam al-Rida (as): The prophet sallalahu alaihi wa ali said: When Allah raised me to the sky, Gabriel took me by the hand and we entered paradise and gave me some dates from its trees so I ate it, it transformed into a drop inside my body and when I came down to the earth I had intercourse with Khadeejah and she became pregnant with Fatima, thus Fatima is a Human Hoori from Jannah and whenever I miss the smell of Jannah I go to smell my daughter fatima.
– Fatima sirr al-Woujoud p83.
– ‘Awalim al-Awalim wal Ma’arif 6/10.

عن أبي جعفر (عليه السلام) في حديث طويل:
«ولقد كانت (عليها السلام) مفروضة الطاعة على جميع من خلق الله من الجنّ والإنس والطير والوحش والأنبياء والملائكة»

Narrated Abu Ja’afar (as) in a long narration:
“And her (Fatima’s) Obedience is obligatory on all creations of Allah from Jinn and Humans and Birds and Beasts and Prophets and Angels.”
– Fatima Sirr al-Wujoud p84.
– Dalael al-Imamah p228.

Actually just check out how this lunatic starts his book on page 5:

الصلاة والسلام على أشرف خلق الله محمّد وآله الطاهرين، واللعن الدائم على أعدائهم ومنكري فضائلهم أجمعين من الآن إلى قيام يوم الدين.
بعد أن توفّقنا للحديث عن عصمة زينب الكبرى حبانا الله سبحانه بلطف آخر حيث يسّر لنا الحديث عن الصدّيقة الكبرى وسيّدة النساء فاطمة الزهراء سلام الله عليها

“Peace be on the most honourable of Allah’s creations Muhammad and his pure family, and the constant curses upon their enemies and the deniers of their virtues from now until the day of Judgement.”

Comment: I say dear crazy Shia scholar what do you mean by “Constant curses on the deniers of their virtues“??? Don’t tell me that you’re going to constantly curse me if I don’t believe that Fatima is half-Humand and Half-Houri from Paradise? And you’re going to curse me if I don’t believe that he name is written on the foot of the throne of Allah? And that you’ll curse me If I don’t believe that Allah created everything in existence just for her sake? If that’s the case you might as well curse all the Muslims in the world constantly until the day of Judgement because no Muslim in his right mind would believe these Shia myths.

He continues saying right after that:
“After we stopped talking about the infallibility of Zeinab al-Kubra…”

WHAT!? I though you Shias believed in 14 infallibles!? We always read on your websites 14 Ma’asooms this and 14 Ma’asooms that… Now they’re 15 Ma’asooms! congratulations!

I’ll stop here, may Allah guide them Twelver Shias…