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Q: Salamu aleykom.

Could you anser this question.
Allah swt say that does who do not obey the messenger and allah swt will go to hell and forever to…. here is the verse [72:23]

And in sahih bukhari when the prophet saw wanted Umar to bring a paper and pen he didnt do it. So does that mean that Umar R.a will go to hell.

Whats your answer. Please answer this as soon as you can cause I really need some answer. A shia ask this question.


Bismillah, salam alaikum.

First of all we would ask shias, does it mean that Ali would also go to the hell?

Because both shias and sunni sources are agreed that Ali didn’t obey to prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam), at last in two cases.

1) During the Treaty of Hudaibiyah. When Ali was asked to wipe words “Rasulullah” from the text, and he didn’t obey to this request of prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam).

2) When Ali was asked to stay in the Madina during the battle, and he didn’t obey, and left Madina.

We discussed these two incidents in details at our blog.


Second, shias should present us a proof that Umar was asked to bring paper! Because I didn’t come across with this in any hadith book. But it was reported via weak chain, that it was Ali, who was asked to bring the pen and paper.

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  1. the word Hijr or Hajr is used in the hadees, and ibn aseer, badul aine and alghazali took this meaning as nonsensical talk.

    (Al nihay fe gareeb ul hadees walasar, vol 6 p222 , tehqeeq tahir ul zawi, mehmood muhammad al tanaie, Nashir almaktaba ul ilmia bairoot 1399)

    Badur Al Aine in Sharah Bukhari
    source: umda ul qari sharah sahi bukhari vol 12 p 298

    Alghazali in Sirul alameen wa kashaf ma fiddareen vol 1 p 18, bairoot 2003)

    please comments.

  2. Can you please provide me with a detailed write up on this incident with replies to the false allegation of the Shias. Shia website has posted a huge article on this citing sunni ref and replys to our proofs. Do you have a detailed reply. Please help need urgently.

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