You can marry aunt upon daughter of brother

It was narrated in “Man la yahdurhul al-Faqih” from Abu Jafar (alaihi salam):

Don’t marry daughter of brother or daughter of sister upon her aunt (from fathers side) or her aunt (from mothers side) except by their permission, and marry with aunt (from fathers side) or aunt (from mothers side) upon daughter of brother or daughter of sister.

1 thought on “You can marry aunt upon daughter of brother

  1. Dear brother, who has told you that this book is correct. This is one. Two; please do remember that abi hanifa and malek learned from al imam ja3far al sadek. I am not saying you have to believe everything al shia do, but at least, do have some respect to those people since they were and it is very well known, men of religion, wisdom and morality.

    And for all of the other issues, please understand the whole situation before making a judgement.

    Also, for the guys who made this website; wouldn’t have been better if this website was to guide the non believers instead of targeting al shia. and please do not tell me that you want to guide all muslims to the right way before you do it to others, because, with all respect, that’s complete crap. It will never happens, we are all muslims and that is all what matters. we are way behind in this world and we need to reunite instead of this kind of debates. and thank you for reading.

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