New shia book about Aisha (r.a)

Kaafir, zindiq Yaseer al-Khabith (may Allah curse him) printed a new book about mother of believers, and enemy of such kuffar like al-Khabith.

He entitled it:

 الفاحشة الوجه الآخر لعائشة

“Al-Fahishata al-Wajhul al-Akhir li Aishata” – “Obscenity… the other side of Aisha”

اللهم عليك بالخبيث ياسر الخبيث!!!   لعنة الله عليه ابن الحرام!! لعنة الله عليه وعلى من أعانه

4 thoughts on “New shia book about Aisha (r.a)

  1. La hawla wala qowata illa billah!!!!

    Im wondering who reads such books? Is it all shia in general or just the extreme shia? Because of what i know there are different kind of shias. Who would read such books and make such things?!!! May Allah guide us all on his straight path and judge those who needs to be judged in this life and the hereafter!!!

  2. Extreme or not, the curious and wanting to learn Shias will read this book to grasp the extent of Aisha’s evilness (and her followers).

  3. You guys are funny, i have this book, all his hadith refered from Sunni ahadith

    sahih muslim
    sahih bukhari.

    1. you must claim that all in sahih is not sahih so we can be guided and you tell the truth to the world, thats your book are not all sahih.

    2. if you claim all is sahih, then this shaik, tell the truth, becouse all hadith source are from bukhari and muslim and your other sunni book,
    wa salam

    • With sick interpretation of rafidah, any hadith or verse could be understood in the way they want. Pardon me, but was it not your scholar which recorded that mosquito in the Quran is Ali, and Bee in The Quran is Ali?

      If you are so brave and want to be guided, come to our forum, and open discussion.

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