Prophetic ahadeth in main shia books

Most of us aware that in accordance to shias, each and every hadith from aimma is equal to prophetic ahadeth. Meaning: Imam said = prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam).

But here question isn’t about that. The one who brought shariah of Islam to this earth, taught it, fought against its enemies – was Muhammad ibn Abdullah (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam).

In shia world there are 4 main shia books:

1) Kafi of Kulayni.

2) Al Istibsar of Toose.

3) At-Tahzib of Toose.

4) Man la yahduruhul faqih of Saduq.

For example number of traditions in al-Kafi is 15,181; according to another reckoning 15,176.

Can we ask shias to bring us from these mentioned 4 books, 5 ahadeth from each of them. 5 ahadeth which could be traced back directly to prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam), 5 ahadeth which would be reported from prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) by someone who seen him, meaning that there wouldn’t be any gap in the chain.
For sure, we are not asking for such ahadeth with weak chains, chains of there ahadeth should contain only narrators which were praised in shia books of rijaal.

I don’t know, how many time this could take. But I do believe that 2 weeks would be fine for research, or for sending emails to marajia, to get an answer from them.

3 thoughts on “Prophetic ahadeth in main shia books

  1. Im wondering how do you get a shia person to understand the different ahadith of shia books and sunni books? I find it difficult because a shia would say this hadith comes straight from the prophet and a sunni would also say the same thing, therefore at the end of the discussion both sides would have agreed that their sources are authentic and like that no one will get anywhere. how do we show our evidences? This is what i want to know, especially when most people dont understand the chain of narrators concept.

    Jazakallahu khayraa for such beneficial blog which inshallah would help alot out there.

  2. Can you provide a single tradition from your Sihah Al-Sittah in which Prophet Muhammad (saaw) directly reports, I mean excluding the Sahabah & Taba’in & Taba Taba’in ? No, why ?

    Shiah took their traditions from the Infallible Aimmah who reports on the authority of their fore fathers like this: Imam Ali Ibn Al-Hussain (AS) reported on the authority of his father on the authority of his grand father Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (AS) who said, I heard Messenger of Allah (saaw) said such & such thing……………secondly we consider our Aimmah sinless (they were not like us i.e. sinful) who can’t speak lie like we do, thirdly, their genealogy is well known among Arabs, so if they directly reports it is understood that they must have heard their fore father (no gaps in chain of the 12 Imam are there) have said this, it is a well known fact that all Sahabah acquired knowledge from Hazrath Muhammad (saaw) in every field, and Imam Ali (AS) acquired divine knowledge from him (saaw), that is why He (saaw) said “I am the City of knowledge & Ali is its Gate” written in Mustadrak by Imam Al-Hakim. So this was his (saaw) teachings that remarkably transferred to the 12 Aimmah-e-Masoomeen (AS), but the primary source of their knowledge is off-course none other than Hazrath Muhammad (saaw).

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