Al-Mufid: There is ijma of imamiyah that non imami is kaafir

Book: Awail al-Maqalat. Translation to Farsi by Sajjad Waazi, point 16.

Author: Sheikh al-Mufid.

16 – Speech about Innovators and the titles and the rules they deserve.

Imamia agree that all innovators are Kafir. It is necessary for the Imam, when in power, to make them do repentance, after inviting(dawah) them(to reject biddah) and reasoning with them and providing them evidence. If they repent and return to the straight path, they will be freed, otherwise, on the ground of turning back from the faith, they will be killed. And if anyone of them dies in a state of innovation is from the people of hell. 

The Mutazilite did Ijmah opposite that (above rule). They thought that most of the innovators are Fasiq not Kafir. Among the Islamic sects, there are groups who neither consider the innovator a Fasiq nor out of the fold of Islam like the friends of Ibn Shabib from Murjia, and Batriya sect from Zaydia, who share the same Usool (doctrine) with Ibn Shabib. Though, they disagree with him on the attributes of Imam.


Indeed this is another, very heavy proof that rafidah is almost the same as khawarij. They are blood brothers in usool, such like takfir of all other sects which disagree with them in any matters of religion.

THE GIANT of shia mazhab said that they are in agreement that innovators (and that mean all other sects apart from them) are kuffar!

Also in this quote we can see what should except all other sects apart from Imamiyah if they would live in country which is ruling by rafidah! First rafidi ruler would call them to repent, and if they would disagree, they would be killed. And this has happen before. History seen such attitude from rafidah when they were in charge, they have killed many Muslims in Azerbaijan,during the time of rafidi shah Ismail Safawi. Entire villages were massacred only because residents refused to include testimony that Ali is wali of Allah in Shahadah of Islam. May Allah Taala protect Muslims from falling under the ruler ship of rafidah, and helps those who already lives under it to survive, and protect their faith.

Also in this quote you can see clear evidence that almost each and every modern rafidi scholar is ugly hypocrite! Because we can see them calling for so called Islamic brotherhood between shias and sunnis, by calling us: Our brothers sunnis. And in reality they know that we are kuffar in their view and we should be killed only because we follow to fiqh of 4 schools.

PS. Jazak Allah khayran our brother Abu Muslim Khorasani for translation.