Takfiri shia scholars.

Book: Biharul Anwar.

Author: Muhammad al-Majlisi.

Author said:

Know that usage of terms like Shirk and Kufr about those who doesn’t believe in the Imamah of commander of faithful and Aimma from his children, and put in the matters of superiority others upon them – is an evidence that they are disbelievers which would stay in fire

Al-Mufid *** in his book al-Masail said: Imamiyah agreed that whoever would deny one Imam from Imams, and reject what Allah obliged to obey to him – HE IS KAAFIR, MISGUIDED, WHICH DESERVE TO STAY IN FIRE.

2 thoughts on “Takfiri shia scholars.

  1. What a hypocrite ! you are a takfiri and you are whining when others consider you kaffir!

    Imam al-mufeed said rejectors of dharoori are kaffir and this is the view of sunnis also !

    i want to ask a question and i want a straight answer :

    let’s suppose that imamat is known wajib to all (which is not the case now) what would be the verdict for the one who rejects it?

    • Watch your mouth and show better ahlaq. In contrast to your two faced scholars we are not calling people to unite with kuffar. Your scholars in their books accuse us in kufr, and in public wailing that they want to unite. To hell such union.

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