900 changed letters!

Shia commentator al-Aayashi in his Tafseer (vol 1/p 47-48) narrated:

عن أبى بصير قال: قال جعفر بن محمد: خرج عبد الله بن عمرو بن العاص من عند عثمان فلقى أمير المؤمنين صلوات الله عليه، فقال له: يا على بيتنا الليلة في امر نرجوا ان يثبت الله هذه الامة فقال أمير المؤمنين لن يخفى على ما بيتم فيه حرفتم فيه وغيرتم وبدلتم تسع مأة حرف، ثلثمائة حرفتم وثلثمائة غيرتم وثلثمائة بدلتم

From Abu Basir which said: Jafar ibn Muhammad said: Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-As went out from (meeting with) Uthman and met commander of faithful (salawatullah alaihi). He said: O Ali, this night (we work on the one) matter, I hope Allah would make this nation steady (by that). Commander of faithful said: It’s not hidden what you work on. You have distorted, changed and replaces 900 letters. 300 from them you have distorted, 300 changed and 300 replaced“.

4 thoughts on “900 changed letters!

  1. Ayashi is known for quoting very weak and odd hadiths and many of them are not even found in shia books. this Hadith is weak

  2. can you speak even once without lying ? present proof from al-kulaini(rah) own words that he believes in tahrif!

    • I think that years of matams deeply effected your brains. WHO THE HELL SAID that Kulayni did said himself that he belief in tahrif?! You tried to reject hadith from Ayashi by saying that he was known for quoting weak and odd ahadeth. I said – your top muhadith Kulayni also known for that.
      And even if I would say that Kulayni did believe in tahrif, before accusing me in lie, you first should start with shia scholars, which openly said: KULAYNI DID BELIEVE IN TAHRIF.

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