al-Mufid – LIAR

Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah.

When we say – people of kalam – usually we mean – maturudiyah or ashaira. So let us see what al-Mufid Shaytani says.

al-Mufid in his Awail al-Maqalat said:

إنه لا يصح رؤية الباري سبحانه بالأبصار، وبذلك شهد العقل و نطق القرآن وتواتر الخبر عن أئمة الهدى من آل محمد (ص)، وعليه جمهور أهل الإمامة وعامة متكلميهم إلا من شذ منهم لشبهة عرضت له في تأويل الأخبار.

“It’s not authentic (that it’s possible) to see Al-Bari Subhanahu by eyes. And this testified by al-Aql and Text of Quran and Tawatur reports from aimma of way from Al of Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam – salawat from me, these rafidah simply wrote letter SAD), and upon this majority of mutakalemin of ahlal imamah and ammah (sunnis) (1) except from those who contradict (to this) by doubt which came to him in tawel of reports”.

Awail al-Maqalatt p 58, n 25.


1) We can see heresy of greatest shia sheikh which ever lived in putting al-Aql (Mind) before shariah texts from Quran and Sunnah. Actually this inclination to Greek philosophy was a main reason which lead many people astray. These people put their reasons as a proof before shariah Texts. And this forced them to reject many authentic shariah texts (including the vision of Allah in the doomsday and etc) because they didn’t understand it by their very limited brains.

What pure Muslims do? They see shariah texts and say: We do believe in them even if we don’t understand them and even if they contradicts to our knowledge.
What rafidah do? They see texts, and analysing them by their brains (which definitely has been damaged by years of matams). And if they can’t understand it, they either making tawil or openly rejecting them.

2) This shia sheikh claimed that there are texts in Quran, which rejects idea that Allah could be seen. I personally with full confidence challenge shias to bring single verse in proof of that.

3) This shia sheikh claim that majority of mutakalimin of amma (sunnis) – meaning maturudiya and ashaira, agreed with rafidah on this heresy. From what I know, this is pure lie. InshAllah I would cite here some giants among ashaira which testified that Allah would be seen in the doomsday. From what I remember now – Suyuti rahimuhullah, which said it testified by: Quran, Mutawatir reports.

Rafidah can’t explain that here he mean mutazila, because after sentence that I have quoted above, this shia sheikh said:

والمعتزلة بأسرها توافق أهل الإمامة في ذلك وجمهور المرجئة وكثير من الخوارج والزيدية وطوائف من أصحاب الحديث ويخالف فيه المشبهة وإخوانهم من أصحاب الصفات.

“And entire al-Mutazila agreed with ahlal imamah in this, and majority of murjiah, and most of khawarij and az-zaydiyah, and group of ahlalhadeeth. Contradicted in this al-Mushabiha and their brothers from ashabul sifaat”.

And here we can be witness of another examples of lies.

4) This shia sheikh claimed that majority of murjiah agreed with them on this heresy. Irja and Murjiah is sign of hanafi school, I am not talking about all of it, so be calm. If we would read Sharh al-Fiqh al-Akbar of Ali al-Qari, where he tried to explain the saying of Abu Haneefa that emaan doesn’t reduce, he clearly testified that Allah would be seen in the Doomsday BY THE EYES WHICH ARE ON THE FACE.

5) This shia sheikh claimed that some of ahlal hadeeth agreed with them in this heresy! SubhanAllah! I don’t know to laugh or to weep, when I see how shia sheikh deluding their masses by spreading lies about opponents!
I challenged all shias from the net to bring 3 known people amongst ahlalhadeeth which would reject that Allah would be seen in the doomsday! 

6) He claimed that mushabiha opposite to them in this, and mushabiha did believe that Allah would be seen in the doomsday!

From companions: Ali, Huzayfa, Abu Bakr, Abu Musa al-Ashari, ibn Abbas and Ibn Masud, Suheib and Kaab ibn Ujra and others,
From tabein: Qatada, Abu Ishaq, Suddi and ibn Abu Leyla
From imams:Abdullah al-Humaydi, As-Suyuti, Ali al-Qari al-Hanafi, Ibn Kathir, Bukhari, ibn Abil Izz al-Hanafi, Yahya ibn Maeen and Beyhaki, Malik and Tabari, Hasan al-Basri and Abdurrahman ibn Mahdi and others.


SubhanAllah! And this is greatest shia sheikh! Imam of his time! Just look how easily he lies upon his opponents!


1) Or majority of ahlal imamah and ammah (their) mutakalimin.

4 thoughts on “al-Mufid – LIAR

  1. I think you are the liar.

    the first text says “ammatu mutakallimeehim” meaning their mutakallimeen in general (ammatu here is not “al-ammah” which refers to sunnis but means in general)he didn’t mention al-ammah (ahl-sunna) at all in this quote.
    see that you are a liar!.

    second quote: then mur’ji’a started before abu hanifah and it started in the second half of the first century hijri and from the first people to speak about irja’a is Hammad ibn abi suleiman(teacher of abu haneefah). and morji’a has many classes : jahm ibn safwan was morj’i and so was many others from different sects.

    then there was morji’a of fuqaha (abu hanifah and others )

    sheikh mufeed said (jomhoor al-murji’a) so go and learn before accusing others of lying mr liar.

    • If we would be liars, we would simply delete your comment, and edit text. But because we are truthful, we admit, yes you are right regarding translation. In majority of shia works sunnis described either as: Ammah, Mukhalifin or Nawasib. That’s why I erred in translation. By opening your eyes you would see that I gave other version in footnote, because wasn’t sure in correct one.
      But Mufid still liar, because that dajal claimed that ahlalhadeeth agreed with you on your heresy. I challenge you to give here names of 3 known muhadeth scholars which would reject Ruetullah like you do. BUT!!!! Not by your claim like: Abdullah ibn Abdullah al-Hanafi, famous sunni muhadith. This kind of tricks is common between shias, I need to see really known and accepted by majority muhadith scholars. PLUS ON LINE LINKS, SCANS of their works, where they would reject Ruetullah and follow you in heresy.

      • Do u even know what jomhoor means! and who is talking about sunnis? he said jomhoor al-morji’a! and you want to make it as if he is talking about sunnis. AS FOR tawa’if from ashab al-hadeeth then he doesn’t mean the new mustalah that refers to some sunnis today but it refers to many people with different aqeedah. he also said some from ashab al-hadeeth not “ashab al-hadeeth”

      • How could I know?!! Jumhur – MAJORITY. Who is murjiah? Show us known murjiah in the past, which said that majority of them deny Ruetullah.
        Yes he said some of ashabul hadeeth, I see. That’s why I asked to bring at last 3 of them.

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