Few interesting reports from “Fadhail as-sahaba” of Daraqutni (AHL AL-BAYT LOVED THE SHAYKHAYN)

Few interesting reports from “Fadhail as-sahaba” of Daraqutni. Darul Majid Asiriya.

#74 via double chain one till ibn Abi Umar and second till Uqba ibn Mukaram, both of them reported from Sufyan, which narrated from Jafar ibn Muhammad as-Sadiq, which reported that his father Muhammad al-Baqir said: “Family (Ali) of Abu Bakr in the time of prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) was called family (Ali) of Muhammad”.

#75 via chain till Sarij ibn an-Noman which reported from Sufyan ibn Ueyna, which reported from Jafar ibn Muhammad words as above.

#76 via chain till Musadat ibn al-Yasa which reported from Jafar ibn Muhammad, which narrated from his father words as above.

#77 via chain till Hasan ibn Salih, which heard Abdullah ibn al-Hasan saying: Abu Bakr presented to Ali mother of Muhammad (ibn al-Hanafiyah)

#62 via chain from Jafar ibn Muhammad: “Sons of Fatima (alaiha salam) agreed in saying best from what is possible to say regarding Abu Bakr and Umar”.

#57, 59 from Abu Khalid al-Ahmar: I asked Abdullah ibn al-Hasan about Abu Bakr and Umar, he said: Sallallahu alaihima. And don’t salli upon those who don’t salli upon them”.

#53 via chain till Urwa ibn Abdullah al-Jufi, which said: I said to Abu Jafar (al-Baqir): You called Abu Bakr – as-Siddiq?” He answered: “Messenger of Allah (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) called him as-Siddiq. And may Allah doesn’t testify words of the one who didn’t name him as-Siddiq in this world and hereafter”.

#50 with chain till Fudayl ibn Marzuq which reported that Zayd ibn Ali in Husayn said: “As for me, if I would be on the place of Abu Bakr I would do the same what he did in the matter of Fadak”.

#48 via double chain till Zayd ibn Ali which said: “Baraat from Abu Bakr and Umar (is) baraat from Ali, may Allah be pleased with them”.

#41 with chain till ibn Abdullah as-Sairafi which said: I asked Abu Jafar (al-Baqir): What do you say about Abu Bakr and Umar?” He said: “By Allah I befriend with them and ask forgiveness for them and I didn’t met anyone from ahlalbayt except he would befriend with them”.