The End of the Shia

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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Many have asked me what purpose this page serves, what can a couple of young anonymous Muslims on the net accomplish in the area of “Muslim vs Shia debate” ? Well I’ll be happy to tell you:

What we managed to do in the past couple of months is that we exposed as much as we could of the various scandalous and corrupt Shia beliefs found in their books and translate them to English so that everyone can read them, this in turn led the Shia to reject many of these beliefs found in their books and led another group to start mimicking the Ahlul-Sunnah so they started their little quest in order to study the narrators of the Shia Hadiths and then try to grade the narrations like the rest of the Muslims do… this led to a huge conflict amongst the so called “Usooli” Shia themselves as they now have to accept certain facts that shatter their religion to bits and pieces, I will let the Shia themselves do the talking and you just read this thread on their biggest forum and you will see what I mean:

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^ The link above will Show you the sad truth of how the Shia will go against the Quran and the Authentic Sunnah and their own Sahih hadiths and the Sayings and consensus of their biggest Scholars just because they don’t want to believe that the Prophet SAWS had more than one daughter and that he married them to ‘Uthman ibn Affan (ra).

You can download the book that proves the Prophet PBUH had four daughters from here and it’s written by a Shia:

As you may already know the Twelver Shia in the past were mainly “Akhbari” and they believed in all narrations in their four main books and they disregarded the authenticity of the narrations, this caused the rest of the Muslims to mock them and many Shia left their Madhab as a result of the huge number of CONFLICTING narrations in the four major books let alone the undeniable fact that the four books were full of narrations that claim the Quran is corrupted and that there was Tahreef. This led to a new group of Twelver Shia to rise and overthrow the first group and these are called the “Usooli” Shia, the “Usooli” Shia do not believe in the authenticity of everything in the four main books, they claim that they do not believe in any narration that contradicts the Quran, they say “We throw any narration that conflicts with the Quran against the wall” they also claim that they have a “Science of Hadith” which they use to verify which narrations are correct and which are false…
The reality of the matter was very different, the “Usoolis” proved to be much worse than the “Akhbaris”, they lied and used Taqqiyah constantly, they never followed the Sunnah but instead they followed their DESIRES, if they like a narration and see that it agrees with their beliefs they will accept it and believe in it regardless of authenticity and if they dislike a narration they will outright reject it, and one of their main characteristics is that they will usually “throw the Quran against the wall” if it contradicts with what they believe.
After the Muslims exposed these fake “Usoolis” and revealed the catastrophes in their books the result was the birth of a new Shia group, you can call them the “New Usoolis” or the “Neo-Usoolis” and I do not deny that some of these guys are truly looking for the truth and they are trying as hard as possible to properly investigate and authenticate the narrations with what little information they find in the corrupt and forged Shia books Rijal, these poor souls do not realise it yet but the Classical Usooli Shia scholars before them knew full well that when this happens it will lead to the destruction of their Shia religion.

After the long dark tunnel the New Usoolis will find a Madhab so corrupt and so damaged that it is beyond repair and this is when they will either leave Shi’sm altogether or go back to the way they were before as average Usoolis who believe whatever their Ayatullahs tell them without questioning their beliefs.

و السلام على أهل الإسلام