Badruddin az-Zarkashi on accusations of Rafidah

Badruddin az-Zarkashi said:

12. After Quran clearly stated her purity, the one who accuse her becoming kaafir. The Hawarezmi (568/1172) from scholars of our school in his book “al-Kafi”, chapter on apostasy says: “If anyone would accuse Aisha in adultery he becomes kaafir. Because Quran revealed her purity. Stance of other women isn’t like this”.

Imam Malik (179/795) said: “The one who would abuse her should be killed”. Abul Hattab ibn Dihye (633/1235) in “Ajvibatul masail” says: “The book of Allah testify this view of imam Malik. Because when Allah mentioned in the Quran that mushriks attributed child to Him, He praised Himself.  He said: “(21:26) And they say: The Beneficent Allah has taken to Himself a ! son. Glory be to Him”. And when He mentioned Aisha, He said: “(24:16) And why did you not, when you heard it, say: It does not beseem us that we should talk of it; glory be to Thee! this is a great calumny?” Like this! How He praised (tanzih) Himself, He to purify Aisha again praised Himself. This was mentioned by Qadi Abu Bakr ibnut-Tayiib (1).

13. Whoever would reject that her father Abu Bakr wa sahabi, becomes kaafir. This was mentioned by imam Shafi (204/819).

Abu Abdullah Badruddin az-Zarkashi (d 794) “Al-Ijaba li iradi mastadrakahu Aisha alas sahaba” p 146


1) Just pay attention that when Allah rejected accuse against Himself, He said “Glory be to Him” and when he rejected accusation against Aisha, He said: glory be to Thee!

1 thought on “Badruddin az-Zarkashi on accusations of Rafidah

  1. Salam akhi,

    You do realise that those who wish to insult and abuse ‘Aisha (radi allahu ‘anha) do so by saying;

    1. She committed adultery after the prophet (sal allahu ‘aliehi wa salem) death, (wa l-iyadhbillah!)
    2. And the verses (24:16) they say are talking about Mariyyah Al-Qibtiyyah – who they have promoted from concubine to wife which is easy for a people who gave a son to a man who had none (Hasan Al-‘Askary).


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