Salam alaikum, we have already challenge shias to defend authenticy of one of the most important texts in their religion. Talk is about famous hutba from Najhul Balagha, which called hutba ash-shiqshiqiyah.

And praise to Allah each and everyone could see how far they could go in defending the texts which are suitable for them. By this post inshAllah I am going to show all weakness of shia religion and absurdness of their norms.

We all know khutba ash-shiqshiqiyah. The most famous isnaad of it runs via Abban ibn Uthman and ends with Ikrima – ibn Abbas.


Shia write Baqir Sharif al-Qurashi in his book “Hayatu Imam al-Husayn” (1/61, translated by Sayyid Athar Husain S.H. Rizvi) said:

إنه عرف بالكذب ، وعدم الحريجة منه ، وقد إشتهر بهذه
[He was famous for lying and he had no qualms about lying and he is well-known for this..

ومع إتهامه بالكذب لا يمكن التعويل على أي رواية من رواياته فإن إقتراف الكذب من أظهر الأسباب التي توجب القدح في الراوي.
Due to his being convicted of lying, none of the reports narrated by him is reliablebecause lying is an important factor that makes the narrator unreliable.

ومع هذه الطعون التي إحتفت به كيف يمكن الإعتماد على روايته والوثوق بها
In presence of such testimonies against him how could one rely on the narrations of Akrama?

Ali al-Milani in his “Tasheed al-Murajiat” 1/203 said:

فإن عكرمة البربري من أشهر الزنادقة الذين وضعوا الأحاديث للطعن في الإسلام
Ikrima al-Barbare from most famous zanadiqah which fabricated ahadeth mocking to islam

كذب على سيده إبن عباس
(He) lied upon his master ibn Abbas

Ikrima narrated shiqshiqiyah from ibn Abbas!!!

Ibn Dawud al-Hilli in Rijal said Ikrima was weak. See Rijal ibn Dawud 323, p 258.

Allama Hilli in Khulasah said about Ikrima: “Not from on our way neither from our companions”. See Khulasah 13, p 383

Sheikh Hasan Zaynutdin Sahib al-Mualim said: “Reports came that he wasn’t on the way”. See Tahrir at-Tawusi 314, p 436.

In famous Peshawar Nights, which is so beloved by shias, in chapter “Doubts and Complications regarding the verse of Guardianship and their clarifications”, Ikrima described as:

Neither you nor I – none of the community – including the great companions of the Prophet, have any right to interfere with the real interpretation of the verses. Qur’anic verses are not revealed according to our wishes. If some people interpret their meaning based on mere opinion or point out the occasion on which they were revealed, they are certainly irreligious. For example, followers of Abu Bakr say that according to the hadith narrated by the notorious forger Akrama, this verse was revealed about Abu Bakr. Can you tell us how this verse lowers the position of Ali?

In the same book chapter “Association of Shiaizm with Imam Jafar as-Sadiq” Ikrima mentioned in this form:

On the other hand, they have quoted hadith from people Like Abu Huraira, whose character is known to you all, and from the great liar and forger, Akrama, the Kharijite.

In the same book, chapter “Bukhari and Muslim have recorded many traditions reported by fabricators” he was again mentioned:

What I have said is this: the two books, Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari, contain hadith narrated by liars. If you study Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari in the light of the books of Rijal, you will find that they have recorded many hadith reported from men who were great liars, e.g., Abu Huraira, the notorious liar, Ikrima Kharji, Sulayman Bin Amr, and others of the same category.

Shining POP star of shias, Tijani Samawi Dajal in his “Guided” chapter “Dialogue with scholar” said:

I have committed myself to the nine infallible men from the posterity of al-Husayn, Imams of all Muslims and the good friends of Allah. I have changed the Companions who turned back on their heels, like Muawiah, Amr ibn al-As, al-Mughira ibn Shu’ba, Abu Hurayra,Ikrima, Ka’b al-Ahbar and others

In same book chapter “Reason behind the enlightenment” this liar said:

The virtues of Abu Bakr were also mentioned by Amr ibn al-‘As, Abu Hurayrah, Urwa and Ikrima, and all of them hated Ali and fought him either with arms or by plotting against him and attributing virtues to his enemies.

So as a result, Ikrima which was thiqah in our view, in shia books was described by shias as: Notorious liar, forger, Nasibi (what means kaafir in shia view), Weak narrator, The one who turn back on his heel, Zindiq and etc.


As I said shiqshiqiyah was narrated via chain which running via Abbas ibn Uthman and ending with Ikrima – ibn Abbas.

This Abban wasn’t even Imami, as reported shia scholars he was nawusi. See Khulasah p 74,
For saving of their situation and continuing deluding laymen shias, their scholars invented such term as ashabul-ijma. Group of supermen which would save any isnaad where they are in, even if before them in it is liar, zindiq and weak person! What a great science of hadeeth indeed! And this Abban was among these shia supermen. al-Kashi mentioned agreement of shias on acceptance of ahadeth of these supermen.
Al-Hilli in Khulasah mentioned his mazhab, and said:

والاقرب عندي قبول روايته، وان كان فاسد المذهب للاجماع المذكور
“And in my view more close (to truth) acceptance of his ahadeth, in spite of the fact (of his) corrupted mazhab, due to mentioned agreement”.

At-Tifrashi in “Nuqad ar-Rijal” (1/46) reported from Fahr al-Muhaqiqin (Muhammad ibn al-Hasan ibn Yusuf ibn Muttahar al-Hilli):

سألت والدي رحمه الله عنه فقال: الأقرب عدم قبول روايته لقوله تعالى (إن جاءكم فاسق بنبأ فتبينوا) عدم الإيمان

I asked my parent, may Allah forgive him, about him (Abban) and he said: More close (to truth) in my view to not accept his reports, due to saying of Taala: “(49:6) If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth”. AND THERE IS NO WICKEDNESS IS GREATER THAN LACK OF FAITH (OR DISBELIEF)?”.

So what do we have in result?

Hutba shiqshiqiya was reported by: Nawusi – NON imami Abban from Ikrima – liar, zindiq, kaafir, weak – from ibn Abbas.

And it’s authentic in shia view.

Question! Honestly what is a purpose of science of ahadeth in shia world, if they would accept hadith OF LIAR, ZINDIQ, KAAFIR, if it was narrated from him by one of their super heroes?! This is indeed most ridiculous thing that has been ever invented by misguided sects for supporting of their mazhaab.

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  1. Shia said that there is other chain without Abban

    From Zurarah bin ‘Ayun

    54 -803- أخبرنا الحفار، قال حدثنا أبو القاسم الدعبلي، قال حدثنا أبي، قال حدثنا أخي دعبل، قال حدثنا محمد بن سلامة الشامي، عن زرارة بن أعين، عن أبي جعفر محمد بن علي )عليهما السلام(، عن اب…ن عباس، و عن محمد، عن أبيه، عن جده )عليهم السلام(، قال ذكرت الخلافة عند أمير المؤمنين علي بن أبي طالب )عليه السلام

    Shaykh at-Ta’ifah, Muhammad ibn al- Hasan at-Tusi writes:

    (Abal Fath Hilal ibn Muhammad ibn Ja`far) al-Haffar related this sermon to us. He related it from Abal Qasim (Ismail bin Ali bin Ali) ad-Di`bili and he from his father and he from his brother Di`bil (Ibn Ali al-Kuza`i) and he from Muhammad ibn Salamah ash-Shami and he from Zurarah bin A’yun and he from Abu Jaafar Muhammad bin Ali and he from Ibnu Abbas and he from Amirul Mukminin Ali bin Abi Thalib.
    [Kitab Al-Amali Syeikh Tusi]

    Zurarah is tsiqah
    [Al-Mausu’atul Rijaliyah Al-Muyassarah, Allamah Syeikh Ali Akbar Turabi,ms198]

    • First I don’t see complete text of shiqshiqiyah here.
      Second, Zurara could be thiqat, but what about others in chain? I can see names which I didn’t see in shia books on Rijal. There are two Muhammad ibn Salamah in al-Mufid min Mojam Rijal al-Hadith, and both of them majhool as stated there.

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