Why shia guided is misguided liar?

All praise is due to Allah. I am – humble servant of Allah, becoming very popular on shia sites, forums and etc. If I (Effendi) would post here all their letters to me, with abuses, threats –  Muslims would understand that indeed by grace of Allah we have succeed with our blog. Material which is on this blog are unique for English net, and by grace of Allah they like bone in the throats of rafidah.

In this short answer I’d like to respond to lie of shia under nick quided, which thinks that its fine to lie upon Muslims and to mislead them.

At shia wilaya site, he wrote an article and entitled it:

Why Efendi al-Nasibi is AFRAID to Debate Us

In it he said:

So basically he claims that I refused debating with him because he asked me to use saheeh shia ahadeth only. AND BY ALLAH IN WHICH HAND IS MY SOUL THIS IS ANOTHER LIE.

Let us see.

As you can see on his request of using only shia saheeh ahadeth, I asked:

Problem arises right from here. Personally I seen many versions of saheeh hadith term. Which one would you prefer? Before proceeding any further we should discuss this in details.

And its indeed very problematic to understand what is saheeh for shias, if their scholars said that saheeh hadith is the one which was reported by imami, adl narrators in all tabaqat, and contains no irregularity, guided have his own interpretation of saheeh ahadeth.

He said:

This is why citing the authentication of any hadith by any Shiite scholar hold no weight in reality. It is only hadiths that are deemed authentic by the Ahl al-Bayt (as) that are really authentic, NOT those deemed authentic by al-Majlisi, al-Bahbudi, or any other rijalist.

As a person who has seen a lot of lies from shias, and some from this quided personally, I put a condition for debate. That each quote from books of opponents should be provided by on line link to book, or scan copy. And this guided scared to accept this term, I think because he know that in this case he wouldn’t be able to lie easily as he lied before. SO IN REALITY THAT WAS HE, WHICH RUN AWAY FROM DEBATE, BY REFUSING TO ACCEPT OUR TERMS.

But honestly, I don’t want to debate with person like guided or any other shia like him. BECAUSE.

Guided openly lied in his articles and words.

1) He lied upon me when he wrote this email:

Unfortunately for you, I have been investigating your gay life. Inshallah, I will publish my findings soon, with a piece of advice from Durr al-Manthur.
Be expecting the SHOCKER!

I said that I am ready to make worse type of mubahila with any animal who accuse me in that filth.


3) He lied when upon muhadethin of Sunnah.

4) He lied regarding hadith.

So which one from us, shias or sunnis, would debate with person who lied upon them, lied upon their scholars, lied upon their beloved ones?

No one.


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  1. Yes i am obscene with all Nawasib and evil with all of them. A Nasibi doesn’t deserve life let alone respect.
    Fuck all of you , I am your cure you bastards !

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