Imam Shafi and grave of Abu Hanifah

Hatib al-Baghdadi narrated in his Tarih Baghdad via chain: Qadi al-Husayn ibn Ali al-Saymari – Umar ibn Ibrahim ibn Ahmad al-Muqri – Makram ibn Ahmad – Umar ibn Ishaq ibn Ibrahim that Ali ibn Maymun said him:

I heard Shafi say: “I swear I seek the blessing of Abu Hanifah and come to his grave every day, whenever I have a certain need I pray two rakahs then I come to his grave and ask Allah Most High for my need at his grave and little time passes until it is fulfilled”.

Sheikhana Albani in “Silsila ad-Daifa” (1/31) said: “This narration is weak rather it is false. For verily Umar ibn Ishaq ibn Ibrahim is unknown, and he isn’t mentioned in any books of Rijaal..”

Sheikhul Islam weakened this report in “Iqtida Siratul-Mustagim” p 165.

Imam of hanafis of his time, al-Alusi said regarding this report: “This is a lie and it is obvious that it is a lie to anyone who has knowledge of transmission, because when ash-Shafi came to Baghdad there was no grave present in Baghdad at that time that was turned for dua whatsoever. Rather, Abu Hanifah wasn’t well known during his time and ash-Shafi had visited Hijaz, Yemen, Sham, al-Iraq, Egypt which were all places wherein the graves of the Prophets, the Sahabah and the Tabiin were to be found and all of these were better than Abu Hanifah and other scholars of his level. So why dua only be to made to ABu Hanifah? Furthermore, the companions of Abu Hanifah who met him such as Abu Yusuf, Muhammad, Zufar, al-Hasan ibn Ziyad and others their like were all not known to go to the grave of Abu Hanifah and dua there. Ash-Shafi made expressly clear in some of his books that it’s disliked to exalt and glorify graves out of fear of the fitnah that it would lead to. The one who popularised the likes of these stories are those who have scant knowledge and Deen and these stories are only transmitted from those who are unknown”.  See “Fath al-Mannan” pp 372-373.

Quoted from book by Muhammad al-Humays.