Aisha and slave woman – refuting the doubt of kuffar

Salam alaikum, recently I came across with thread at shia forum, where paranoiac kaafira, directly accused Aisha in being a pimp! La`natullahi alal kafirin!

Report #1

 Abu Bakr narrated, he said: Waki’ told, quoting Al-‘Alaa Bin Abdul Karim Al-Yamani, quoting ‘Ammar Bin ‘Imran, a man from Zaydillah quoting a woman of them, quoting Aisha that she beautified a slave girl and walked around with her and said: May we catch some the young men of Quraysh through her.
إبن أبي شيبة – المصنف – كتاب النكاح – ما قالوا في الجارية تشوف ويطاف بها – الجزء : ( 3 ) – رقم الصفحة : ( 461 )

– ( 259 ) ما قالوا في الجارية تشوف ويطاف بها . ( 1 ) حدثنا أبو بكر قال : نا وكيع عن العلاء بن عبد الكريم اليامي عن عمار بن عمران رجل من زيد الله عن امرأة منهم عن عائشة أنها شوفت جارية وطافت بها وقالت : لعلنا نصطاد بها شباب قريش .

Only kuffar from rafidah, could use this report as evidence against mother of all believers.

Chain of this report contain several defects.

1) Unnamed woman from Zaydillah.

2) Ammar ibn Imran. His ahadeth are not authentic, as said ibn Hajar in Lisan, and Dhahabi in Mizan.

So curse of Allah upon disbelievers, who use fabrications just to cast a shadow on the mother of believers.