The pregnancy – epoch-making discovery!

Bahrani in “Madinatul Majaiz” (8/22),  Majlisi in “Biharul anwar” (51/26), Abbas al-Qummi in “al-Muntahal Amal” (p 608) with tahqiq of Sayed Hashim al-Milani, reported that al-Hasan al-Askari said:

انا معاشر الاوصياء لسنا نحمل في البطون وانما نحمل في الجنوب ولا نخرج من الارحام وانما نخرج من الفخذ الايمن من امهاتنا لأننا نور الله الذي لا تناله الدانسات

We the regents (awsiyah) are not carried in the stomachs but in the side, and we don’t  be born from womb, but from the right thigh, because we are the light of Allah which is not defiled by impurity.