Kamal al-Haydari VS The Biggest Shia scholars.

This is a very dangerous audio recording of the famous Shia scholar KAMAL al-HAYDARI on the show “Mutarahat fil-‘Aqeedah” in which he:

1- Harshly criticizes the Hawzat al-‘ilmiyah of the Imami Shia.

2- Harshly criticizes the four Marja’as of al-Najaf including Sistani, he says they are Mute and have not much knowledge and that Sistani is only respected because of the political situation.

3- Says that some Maraji’i today do not deserve the title then says “I can’t mention names, we are recording”

4- Praises the famous Philosopher Ibn ‘Arabi and especially his book Fusus al-Hikam which has many Kufri statements in it as we all know.

5- Rejects the idea of Ijma’a(Concensus) and says that this is the understanding of the people of the past, it does not bind me today.

6- He says our current Maraji’i if you ask them a simple question about Halal & Haram they will refer you to huge twenty volume books instead of giving you a brief answer in 10 or 20 pages.

7- Praises himself and compliments himself in a disgusting manner saying that none of the contemporaries know more than he does,

8- Says the current Maraji’i depend on the Kouffar in the west and their Fatwas are presented on the english channels like the BBC so how can such people be Maraji’i? (He means al-Sistani and ‘Abdul-Majid al-Khoei whose Fatwas were shown on BBC.)

Here is the Audio recording of 1 hour and 9 mins:

The followers of Kamal al-Haydari online have spread this Fatwa from him in which he attacks the “Umayyads” who spread the audio recording online WITHOUT DENYING IT.

Here is the Shia scholar al-‘Allamah al-Muhaqqiq al-Sayyed Hashim al-Hashimi who replies to Kamal al-Haydari and attacks him in his Friday sermon 29/7/2011 because of al-Haydari’s attack on the Maraji’i of Najaf and Qum: