Az-Zuhri – removing the doubts of rafidah


Salam alaikum, recently I have seen another attempt from misguided rafidi heretics to attack imam of ahlesunnah az-Zuhri (rahmatullah alaihi).

Rafidi with nick Master tried to discredit Zuhri by using some quotes from our scholars. And this rafidi has a very good nick, he is indeed master, but master of lie.

Here full screen shot of his attempt:

As usual we would answer point by point.

1) The very first thing that I want to address, it’s apparent lie from this rafidi heretic. He quoted ibn Hibban, but he picked up part of scholars words, which hard to understand without context, and he most likely (as a proud rafidi) mistranslated even part which he used. Let me first quote ibn Hibban in complete form:

 وليس هذا من حديثهما، وقوله المدينة لا تصلح إلا بى أو بك باطل، ما قال

رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم هذا قط ولا سعد رواه ولا سعيد بن المسيب حدث به ولا الزهري قاله ولا مالك رواه ولست أحفظ لمالك ولا للزهري فيما رويا من الحديث شيئا من مناقب على عليه السلام أصلا فالقلب إلى أنه موضوع أميل.

Ibn Hibban was discussing hadith, and said:  That’s not from their reports, and his saying “Madina wouldn’t be except with me or you” is false, prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) didn’t say this ever, and Sad didn’t report this, neither Saeed ibn Musayb narrated this, nor Zuhri said this, and neither Malik reported this, AND I DIDN’T MEMORISE FROM MALIK OR ZUHRI WHAT WAS NARRATED FROM AHADETH, THINGS FROM MERITS OF ALI (ALAIHI SALAM), and it seems to me (this) report is most likely fabricated. (end of words of ibn Hibban)

Now let us compare bold part of text, with translation of this rafidi! SubhanAllah! How truhfull was sheikhul Islam, when he said that rafida are most mendacious group!

And you can see in the screen shot, how admin of that shia site which is suppose to know arabic well, liked post of that master of lie!

However it’s possible that by words (ولست أحفظ) ibn Hibban mean that such ahadeth are not exist at all. In this case ibn Hibban (rahmatullahi alaihi) just erred, because imam az-Zuhri indeed narrated ahadith in praise of Ali. (See hadith #988 ; #1002, in Fadhail Sahaba)

2) Story from Tareeh ibn Asakir. SubhanAllah! It’s really funny that these ignorants are using anything what they see, in their attempts to discredit Islam and Muslims! Even such stories! The woman said that imam az-Zuhri was hiding the merits of ahlalbayt! What a great evidence against Imam! We would allow shias to follow the testimonies of unknown women, and we would follow to imams of Islam!

We see that this “great shia evidence” against imam was narrated by Jafar ibn Ibrahim al-Jafri. Al-Heythami in Zawaid (3/668) said that he was mentioned by ibn Abu Hatim, without any praise.

3) Was imam az-Zuhri allied to Umeyah?! No, and that is for sure.

Dr. Mustada as-Sibai (rahmatullah alaihi) perfectly addressed all doubts which were raised against imam Zuhri in his book. I’d like to quote from him right here:

Ibn Asakir related that Hisham ibn Abdulmalik (Caliph from Umeyyah) asked Sulaiman ibn Yasar about explanation of this verse (24:11): “and (as for) him who took upon himself the main part thereof, he shall have a grievous chastisement”. Hisham asked who was this man who would have a grievous chastisement? Sulaiman answered that this was Abdullah ibn Ubay ibn Salul. Hisham said: “You lied, rather he was Ali ibn Abi Talib”. When Hisham asked the same question from imam az-Zuhri, he also said that it was ibn Ubay. Hisham again said: “You lied, rather he was Ali ibn Abi Talib”. Imam az-Zuhri answered: “I lied?! May you have no father! By Allah if a caller from sky would say me that lying is permitted, I wouldn’t lie. Such and such related to me that the one who would have greater share therein was Abdullah ibn Ubay ibn Salul”.  (end 0f quote “Sunnah wal Makanatuha fi Tashriy al-Islami” p 283, abriged)

Just see how imam az-Zuhri rejected accusation from Ali, and answered to caliph of Umawiyun! And this person was marwani?! Inna lillahu wa inna ilayhi rajiun!

It’s enough to check Islamic books of ahadeth to see that aimma indeed narrated ahadeth in merits if Ahlalbayt.

Also it is worse to mention that in accordance to shia sources, az-Zuhri loved ahlalbayt.

Al-Khui said:

أقول: الزهري و إن كان من علماء العامة إلا أنه يظهر من هذه الرواية و غيرها أنه كان يحب علي بن الحسين ع و يعظمه.

I (al-Khoei) say: al-Zuhri is from the `ulemaa of the `aamah (sunnis) except that he showed from this narration and others that he loved `Alee bin al-Hussayn (AS) and held him (AS) in a dignified (position)

  • al-Khoei, Mu`jam Rijaal al-Hadeeth, vol. 16, pg. 182, hadeeth # 10960

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  1. The shia of dajjal couldn’t survive without lying, they are existing till day because of permissibility of lying to others in their sect. And indeed Ahlesunnah are the real lovers of COMPLETE Ahlebayt. But this doesn’t does down the throat of shia of dajjal.

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